$1 Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste

The only fluoride toothpaste with patented Liquid Calcium® to protect and strengthen teeth!

The problem:
Years of aggressive brushing and acidic foods can lead to enamel erosion and discoloration.

The solution:
Patented ARM & HAMMER® Age Defying toothpaste; its baking soda formula delivers fluoride plus calcium & phosphate to help rebuild enamel and strengthen teeth like no other toothpaste.

How the Liquid Calcium formula with fluoride works:
Soluble calcium and phosphate ions react to form new mineral on the surface of your teeth, rapidly transforming to hydroxyapatite, leading to glossier and whiter teeth.

Other benefits:
Superior plaque removal for superior cleaning.

•ARM & HAMMER® Age Defying contains dental-grade baking soda that penetrates and dissolves deep into the crevices between teeth and along the gum line to remove plaque.

Safe, clinically proven whitening.

•ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda dissolves, penetrates and lifts stains in places other toothpastes just can’t reach.
•Clinical studies prove Liquid Calcium® restores enamel luster by filling tooth surfaces with new minerals