Product Description

  • the ability to listen to any docking iPod in your car;
  • automatic search of the best FM frequency with the cleanest sound; anda built-in charger to keep the tunes going all day long.

The Belkin TuneBase FM with ClearScan lets you easily play the music on your iPod in your car with just a push of the button.

The flexible steel neck allows many positioning options. View larger. A Button Press Away from Great Sound
By pushing a single button, Belkin's ClearScan technology will automatically scan to find the best FM frequency so that you can enjoy the music on your iPod static-free in your car. With an improved FM transmission, the sound is better than before. And the large LED tells you at exactly what frequency the music is being broadcast.
Once you find a clear station, you can set it to one of two presets on the TuneBase. This is especially useful around your local area and areas that you frequent, because you can quickly return to these stations at the touch of a button.
The TuneBase also has a line-out feature that lets you use it with car-stereo inputs or cassette adapters. The built-in PRO setting optimizes the audio and provides a volume boost for the best sound possible.
Built-in Charger and Stand Works with All Docking iPods An integrated auto charger plugs into the cigarette lighter so you needn't worry about running out of power while on a road trip. With a flexible steel-neck mount and a swivel cradle, you can position the iPod for optimal viewing and accessibility. The antenna is integrated into the neck for a clean look. Multiple cradles are included for compatibility with all docking iPods.
The Belkin TuneBase FM with ClearScan is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Enjoy the music on your iPod while on the road.
Expires Feb 11, 2011