List Price: 9.99 Deal Price: 9.99 You Save: 0.00 (40%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at“Fidelio”? We get where you’re coming from, Philips, but how about a name like “Black Audio Dynamite”? Yeah, fidelity and all that. But a power-packed iPod/iPhone/iPad speaker dock like this deserves a name with a little more zing, zip, zazz, and other made-up words that start with Z. Think about it: with Bluetooth streaming, a spring-loaded dock, PureDigital sound processing, and excellent bass response, it needs a name that truly evokes greatness. “Black Audio Dynamite” remains our favorite, but something like “the Eardrum Impaler” might work, too. Or you could play on the alarm clock aspect and call it “Chronos-X” or “the Wake-Up Maul”. We’re just saying, a booming little system like this shouldn’t have a name like Pinocchio’s uncle.Expires Feb 7, 2011