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Family Tracker and Safety Center (Pro)

Genre: Utilities
Release Date: August 10, 2010

As featured on Fox News Channel, and other media as the top family tracking app!

Watch our family tracking segment that ran nationally at

Protect your family by taking advantage of our Facebook award-winning technology so you can:

* Track your family's real-time location using any iPhone or a secure GPS device you can purchase at

* View the threats nearby, like sex offenders, and also locate nearby safety resources like police stations.

* Check in to let everyone know your are safe or send a panic alert to your loved ones in cases of emergency.

Life360 is safe and secure so that only you and those in your family's private network can see each other's locations.

Alison Rhodes, national family safety expert and founder of, recommends the Life360 mobile app because,

"Being a busy mom, the Life360 app is an ideal solution for moms and dads constantly on the go. It turns an iPhone into the ultimate mobile family security device. Parents now have the comfort of knowing where their kids are at all times, making parenting a little less stressful and providing peace of mind."

Family Tracker and Safety Center (Pro) is optimized for iPhone 4, which means you can have the app running in the background. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life (you can turn this off in the settings).

With each install of this app, you will also receive mobile user access to the website where you can get all the tools you need to find out:

WHERE your family is located

WHAT threats are nearby

WHEN anyone needs help

Start tracking your family today so that you can keep them safe!

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