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Release Date: December 15, 2010

Book same-day hotel rooms for up to 70% off in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Hollywood, San Francisco and Washington DC. More cities coming soon.

Download now & sign up to get $25 off your first booking – it's all free.

HotelTonight offers:
- Exclusive, astonishingly low prices on hotspot hotels.
- Same-day, mobile-only bookings until 2am!

Why HotelTonight?

You're at a club at 1am and want to keep the party going. You've just worked a long day at the office and are too tired to drive home. A client wants you in New York tomorrow and you need a place to crash.

Plans change. HotelTonight can help.

HotelTonight offers phenomenal rates on same-day bookings at hotels coast-to-coast - from back-to-basics budget to the hippest downtown hotspots, each individually vetted for value and personality. You're probably already going to some of these hotels’ downstairs restaurants, bars, and clubs. HotelTonight is here to get you into a room upstairs - at a fraction of the price.

How can we offer such mind-blowing room rates? We are professional stunt people. That, and we have a special arrangement with each of our hotels. You see, every night hundreds of rooms at some of the hippest hotels go empty. Hotels want to fill them; we offered to help, as long as we could get the rooms at ridiculous deal. We did, they accepted, and now everyone is happy. Especially, as you will soon discover, you.

Looking to book a week-long stay at a specific hotel? That's not our bag.

Need a hotel, tonight? Now we're talking. We've got three hotels to choose from in three price categories every single day in a growing list of cities. Book in the moment, anywhere. Get a hotel, tonight!

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