It doesn’t get much better than this: Brunch with your favorite baby, your favorite moms and their babies. Apply to host a Gerber Organic House Party on July 19th and if selected, enjoy a special time as you dine together, learn about baby nutrition, share feeding tips, and enjoy baby game activities.

On the menu for the younger set—compliments of Gerber Organic—three delicious flavors of organic purees: Apple Strawberry, Pear and Wild Blueberry, Apple Sweet Potato. How about creating a fun pot luck lunch theme for your adult guests and share the recipes!

When Gerber says organic, they mean it... Gerber® Organic baby food is certified Organic and meets the strict standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Fun and information for moms.... Your Gerber Organic house party will be a blast for moms. You’ll share laughs...learn more about healthy eating for babies...and discover more about the goodness of Gerber Organic.

Space is Limited. Apply now!

If you are selected to host, your fantastic free party package will include:

Three varieties of 2nd Foods® Gerber Organic Purees, for you and your guests
Discount coupons for Gerber Organic foods
Discount coupons for Gerber Childrenswear
A Baby Bib for the host
A Thermal lunch bag for the host
Informative Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Pamphlets
100% recycled paper party favor bags