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Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches
Thunder Game Works

Genre: Games
Release Date: November 11, 2010
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*TO PLAYERS: Those with older operating systems may experience crashing, but fear not, an update is coming any moment now to fix!*

Deploy to the Trenches once again to take on a new and more deadly foe, the Zombie Horde. Lead your British Royal Expeditionary army as the last stand in Western Europe during the Great War and prove yourself as a true hero. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Armies of the Hundead or will you fail and join their ranks?


-=- GameCenter Global Cooperative Multiplayer with VoiceChat and Friend Invites -=-

Stenches v1.1 is now out ... GameCenter global multiplayer with VoiceChat. Now, you can coordinate attacks with your friends. Flip on WiFi ... load-up on Stenches ... and start making zombie bits!


Press Reviews:

Apple, Game of the Week - &#34;Use your armies to send the walking dead back to their graves in this week&#39;s selection, a zombie battler that plays every bit as good as it looks&#34;

TUAW - &#34;Unique Twist on real time strategy. Great game -- definitely check it out.&#34;

Touch Arcade - &#34;A deep-enough weapons upgrade system and the inclusion of enemies with odd weaknesses to said upgrades fleshed out the game, which quickly became a favorite of mine. &#34;

SlideToPlay - &#34;Good variety of enemies; great graphics, and a successful mix of genres &#34;

AppSmile - &#34;Replay value is very good, as little changes in strategy can have significantly different outcomes. Honing your strategy can be quite addictive.&#34;


Stenches is the sequel to Trenches infamous Zombie Horde mode, but the fight isnít over yet! Pick up where Trenches left off as the Zombie Horde makes a grand appearance in an attempt to take over all of Western Europe. (That&#39;s what we call deadication!) Take on the role of the British Commander once again and drive back the Zombie Horde!

Stenches packs countless hours (maybe even days!) of zombie-filled, carnage-laden mayhem. Punish wave after wave of brain thirsty zombie horde and bosses.

They&#39;ve come for your brains ... drive them back to the hole that spawned them!


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