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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: December 17, 2009


Long long ago in a galaxy far far away there was a creature called True Ringtone. He was generous and kind, always thinking of others and trying to be just and honest. One day, Darth Ringtone, the True Ringtone's evil father, came. He cast an evil spell on True Ringtone and turned him into RingtoneX. RingtoneX sounded almost like he did before, but not exactly the same. He sounded different, almost like a copy of his former self. From that day forth, RingtoneX was always tricking people into thinking he was the real thing. He was sneaky, fooling everyone who listened to him.

So whenever you listen to RingtoneX, remember that he's supposed to sound cool, but isn't supposed to sound like the real thing. Maybe one day Darth Ringtone will reverse his evil spell and turn RingtoneX back to True Ringtone.

Great Selection

We have an amazing selection of iPhone ringtones from the biggest stars in the music industry. Beyonce, Eminem, Drake and more can be found right here at RingtonesX.

RingtonesX provides you with a better selection of iPhone ringtones than anybody else and that's a promise. From rock to pop, rap to metal, we have it all! You can settle for the rest, but why not try the best by downloading RingtonesX today!

Quality Content

Enjoy a crisp clear sound that cannot be found anywhere else in the App Store. We at RingtonesX are proud to provide you with highest quality ringtones you have ever heard.

Cover Ringtones

RingtonesX has the best cover ringtones available. Recorded at professional studios by talented cover artists, we promise that you will not notice the difference between the cover and the original. In fact, some of our cover ringtones may be better than the original songs. That's how confident we are in RingtonesX.

Easy to Use

Downloading ringtones from RingtonesX is so easy that you could probably do it blindfolded. We pride ourselves on the fact that RingtonesX has an extremely friendly user interface which means less waiting and more downloading for you!

If it's free to use, then what have you got to lose? A service this good at no cost should be on every iPhone. Get your free copy of RingtonesX right now!


All of the content at RingtonesX is available with the explicit permission of the content creators. RingtonesX provides monetary compensation for all the content that is downloaded. For further information regarding licenses and agreements, please contact RingtonesX.

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