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    Fire Rite-Aid Deals & Overages

    7/13- 7/19 DEALS:

    1) Page 1, Flexamin, NICE PROFIT
    Sale: BOGO
    60 count (the kind in the round bottle NOT the box) is 12.99
    SCR: #48 5.00 can be done TWICE so BOGO will get 10.00 (or at least should as this is the way it has worked in the past.
    Use: 2 X 5/1 ~1-6V1, 4-27RP, 6-29RP~
    Total: PROFIT: 7.01

    2) Page 4, Crest Whitening Expressions, OVERAGE
    Sale: 2.49
    SCR:#225 ~ 2.49
    Use: .50/1 (7-6PG)
    Total: -.50

    3) Page 6, dial hand soap
    Sale: 2.99
    SCR: 2.00
    Use: $0.60/1 (5/18?)
    Total= 0.39

    4) o.b. pro comfort tampons
    Sale: 2.99
    SCR #?: 1.00
    Use: 1.50/1
    Total= .49

    5) Loreal Vive Hyrda Gloss Shampoo/Conditioner, FREE/OVERAGE?
    Sale: BOGO
    Use: BOGO coupon (7-13?)
    Use: 2 X 1/1 RA coupons
    Total: WO/RA Q's=FREE, W/RA Q's= 2.00 PROFIT

    6) Electrasol, OVERAGE?
    Sale: 2.99
    SCR #?: 2.00
    Use: 2.25/1(7/13??)
    Total: -1.26 PROFIT

    7) Suave Body Wash

    Sale: $1.99
    Use: BOGO or $1.00/1
    Total: .99

    8) Page 1, Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer OVERAGE
    Sale: BOGO
    Use: FREE coupons from PREVIOUS allergy SCR (this is from a PAST scr and therefore these coupons can NOT be obtained currently)
    Use: 1/1 (Inner strength magazine)
    Total: 2 for -1.00

    9) Lysol Neutra Air, FREE
    Sale: BOGO
    Use: BOGO (6-1SS)
    Total: FREE

    Borrowed from: Justmeagain

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    Just curious if I am the only one who has had a horrible time getting Rite aid to accept coupons. I went this morning for the BOGO on loreal with the BOGO coupon and the manager refused to honor the coupon saying that I didn't technically pay for both items. I already wrote customer service but they were very rude and simply ruined my day.

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    I've had the same issue with them as well. I think it depends entirely on the cashier, how experienced they are, etc. The other day I went to walmart to use the planters $3 coupons (wyb 3 products), I had a couple of them, bought the 3 kraft products (kool-aidZ) and the cashier said I couldnt use more than 1 coupon. There wasnt a limit printed on the coupon, so I had to wait for customer service, then the csm called a higher up manager. By the time we were done, 20 minutes had passed and they couldnt find a reason not to accept them, but the cashier was mad at me for using coupons. Some days it's frustrating and some days they work like a charm. It all depends on who you get for a cashier.
    Hang in there!



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