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Would You Me?
Kyle Disher - Dish Apps

Genre: Social Networking
Price: Free
Release Date: December 07, 2010

Would You Me? is a FREE social networking app that allows you to meet people, advertise, sell your items and get public opinion and feedback.

Ever wonder what people would think about your girlfriends cooking?

Want to know if the public would like your business logo?

Ask the world any question on just about anything and get honest feedback.

"Does this tie match this shirt?"
"Would you date a girl like me?"
"Would you buy my car?"
"Would you eat at my restaurant?"

With “Would You Me?” you can…

Post pictures
Get feedback
View statistical information
“98% said YES in 1.3 seconds.”
Send or receive messages
Post pictures and results to your Facebook or Twitter account.

For Business and Advertising:

Are you thinking of creating a logo or advertisement?

“Would You Me?” informs you of the exact amount of people who say Yes or No to a logo or product and the exact amount of time it took them to answer! Customers can send feedback and visit your website from the app.

For Advertising:

You can list a product or service, load a picture and your contact information giving potential customers the ability to send you a message or visit your website. You can get feedback and beta-test ads on “Would You Me?” before spending advertising dollars.

FSBO Listings:

You can post any item and receive messages or feedback from local and international users. If your product is advertised elsewhere on the web you can load a link that takes people directly to your site.

Dating and Friendship:

You can post a picture of yourself and tell local people what you are looking for. Receive local and international email responses worldwide!

“Would you take me out tonight?”

Inspiration for “Would You Me?”

Would You Me? is a living social experiment, inspired by that of our human brain that makes those instant yes and no decisions!

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