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    Thread: Tile Grout

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      Creator & Designer of Budget101.com
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      Jan 2001

      Default Tile Grout

      I am jumping in here. This is one of the most inexpensive things you can do
      to give a kitchen or bathroom a face lift. Go to Home Depot or other
      building supply store, there is a cheap little tool you can buy to gently
      scrape out the grout lines (you do not need to go all the way down). You
      only scrap the surface. Then apply a layer of new grout. Let dry and clean
      up the dullness. The next step is very important. They make a grout sealer
      that dries clear. Apply this. It may seem a little pricey for the extremely
      budget minded, but will preserve you grout and tile from stains and prevents
      any moisture from getting into the little crevices. This will prevent damage
      from molding as well. We do all of our own tile work and grouting, we just
      changed the sink out in our bathroom, this is our 4th house to work in. Feel
      free to email me with your questions.

      From: blairrl520@aol.com
      Date: Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:46 am
      Subject: Re: Tile Grout

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      Creator & Designer of Budget101.com
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      Jan 2001


      I am currently in the process of regrouting a bathtub...

      Don't make the mistake I did.

      Everything was going well, with scraping out the old grout (as
      blairrl520 wrote, you don't need to scrape it all out, just a little
      bit). But then, when I applied the new grout, I (apparently) didn't
      apply it correctly... I am now--2 months later--still scraping off
      the excess grouting material from my tile, trying very hard (and only
      sometimes succeeding) not to scratch it. My knuckles are bloody, and
      I can't imagine how or when I am going to finish this job... What a




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