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    • Homemade Egg Roll and Won Ton Wrappers

      Egg Roll Wrapper Recipe Some items are just so cheap to make at home, it's not worth the trip to the store- won ton and egg roll wrappers certainly fit into that category!

      The Following is my recipe for won ton wrappers. I often use this recipe to make homemade crab rangoons during the holidays. These are super easy and delicious.

      1 1/2 C. flour
      1 tsp. salt
      1 egg
      2 T. water

      Mix well and knead on a floured board. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes.
      Roll as thin as paper.

      Cut into 3-inch squares for won-tons / crab rangoon wrappers or 5-7 inch squares for egg rolls.

      If you have a pasta roller (hand cranked or as an attachment to your kitchenaid mixer- it works GREAT for these!!)

      These freeze fine in between sheets of wax paper, (which are completely reusable if you save them!).
      Comments 7 Comments
      1. jgordineer1221's Avatar
        Love this idea!!! Will definitely be trying these this week! Thanks as always!!
      1. Donna-M's Avatar
        Really !Making your own won-ton wrapper. You guys are great.
      1. Winddove's Avatar
        I don't eat eggs but these would work with a 1 teaspoon egg re-placer. Great idea! Thank you! ::goodOne
      1. kheffner's Avatar
        I definitely will try this...I make homemade egg rolls and when I buy the wrappers, it's never the amount that suppose to be in the pkg....(21)...anywhere from 17-20....do you know how many egg roll wrappers this will make?..
      1. kheffner's Avatar
        I made these wrappers, yesterday.....I was able to made 7 wrappers....however, I'm sure if I had an attachment for my kitchenaide to roll out dough, I would be able to produce more.....I got them as thin as I could using a rolling pin.....I made eggrolls with them and they tasted good....if they were thinner, they wouldn't have tasted as doughy.....I will be making these from now on instead of purchasing eggroll wrappers...
      1. DitzyDame's Avatar
        I've actually made these several times. I use my fondant rolling pin which is 6-7 inches long and can roll them quite thin. The only issues I've had (and its just because I try to roll them too tight) is they sometimes start to tear. As long as I don't roll too tight they come out perfect every time.
      1. exclusivelydi's Avatar
        Have any of you ever made lumpia? It is filipino egg rolls and the wrapper is much thinner and lighter than egg roll or won ton wrappers. I learned to make them more years ago than I care to admit I have lived. I made the wrappers also. I painted them onto a medium hot, dry, as in not oiled, surface, with a brush. They just dried. You didn't leave them to brown, removed them and rolled your lumpia. I haven't been able to find a recipe, even my filipino friends always buy their wrappers. They were very easy to make. Perhaps I will just have to start experimenting. I know it was just a flour and water combination with little else. I don't remember putting an egg in it.

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