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Accountant / CPA Survival Kit

Abacus : for when your calculator wears out

Marbles : to replace the ones you will lose during tax season

Rope : in case you get to the end of yours

Penny: to give you extra cents (sense) to know which battles to fight, & which ones to ignore.

Magic Wand : for the magician people think you should be

Piece of string : to help you "tie-up" those loose ends.

A Lifesaver : to keep you from drowning in everyday problems.

A lemon drop : to remind you that "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

A lollipop : to help you lick your problems.

A rubber band : to help you to remember to be "flexible" in all things.

A Snicker candy bar : to remind you that laughter IS the best medicine.

A paper clip : to help you "hold it all together."

A stick of gum : to give you that "stick-to-it" attitude.

A safety pin : to help you "pin-point" your problems, the better to solve them

Get out of Jail Free card : for that tax return you fudged on

A mint : so you will always have a fresh outlook .

Candle : for when you're burning the midnight oil

Battery : to help you keep going and going and going.

Candy kiss : to remind you that you are loved by me

posted by ericca


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