• Finicky Feline Diet

    Vanilla- I have too Much... what to do with it-b101-homemade-catfood.jpg If you have a finicky kitty, here's a simple yet healthy recipe that is easy to prepare.

    Making homemade pet food is relatively simple and it's a great way to use up small bits of leftover vegetables from the dinner meal. Just be sure you don't add salt or butter to them (unless you don't mind giving those items to fluffy!). Cats primarily need a protein based diet, as opposed to a grain or plant based diet.

    You'll Need:
    4 cups chopped cooked chicken
    1/4 cup cooked rice
    1/4 cup chopped broccoli, cooked until tender
    1/4 cup chopped carrot, cooked until tender
    Chicken broth (Homemade or Low Sodium)

    Process all ingredients in a food processor or blender with enough chicken broth to hold together. Never seen a cat turn this down.

    to the Animal Medical Center in New York, a healthy, active 8-pound adult cat requires about
    30 calories per pound per day. So, the average 8-pound cat requires about 240 calories per day.
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    1. Robinetty's Avatar
      Robinetty -
      LOL! I gotta try this. Healthy and tempting. Oh, did I mention my dog prefers cat food!? LOL! He's gonna love this concoction just as much as the kitties!
    1. cjsmith45's Avatar
      cjsmith45 -
      I think I'm gonna try this for my brother's old cat. He's got a very sensitive tummy and this may stay down.. I might omit the broccoli though..
    1. emr1623's Avatar
      emr1623 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robinetty View Post
      LOL! I gotta try this. Healthy and tempting. Oh, did I mention my dog prefers cat food!? LOL! He's gonna love this concoction just as much as the kitties!
      careful with giving too much cat food to dogs. as I understand it, cats are obligate carnivores and require a high protein diet, whereas dogs are omnivores, like humans/people, requiring a balance of protein and vegetable. you may be doing a disservice to your doggie.
    1. Snowie's Avatar
      Snowie -
      This is so true. Cats are the only true Carnivores on this planet. They are not prone to eating vegetables or grains. I manage a TNR Feral Cat Colony for Cook County. I feed all my cats grain free food. Even my gang that live wild outside. Their always here for a free meal but will not let me touch them. Love them just the same.
      I would be very surprised if any cat would eat Broccoli. Dogs can eat veggies but not potatoes. They cannot digest starch. We have to remember that yes, dogs & cats are Mammals like us but they are not human. We each have our own dietary needs and all 3 are different.

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