• MYO Pest Repellents, Pesticides, and More

    Getting rid of unwanted pests can become rather expensive! Here is a list of Recipes to rid yourself and your home
    of unwanted guests (mother-in-laws Not Included, sorry!).

    Insects- Things that creep, crawl & Fly

    1. All-Purpose Insect Spray
    2. Ant Bait
    3. Ant Control
    4. Ant Killer
    5. Ant Traps
    6. Aphid Control
    7. Apple Maggot Control
    8. Blanket Mothproofing
    9. Bug Spray I
    10. Bug Spray II
    11. Buttermilk Spray
    12. Cockroach Control
    13. Fire Ant Killer Recipe
    14. Fly Paper
    15. Garlic Spray
    16. Gnat, Fly and Mosquito Repellent
    17. Homemade Fly Trap
    18. Mosquito Deterrent
    19. Moth Balls
    20. Moth Repellent
    21. Nicotine Plant Spray
    22. Oily Garden Repellent
    23. Roach Balls
    24. Termite Remedy
    25. Water Bottle Ant Killer Recipe

    How do you save your grocery budget when you are pregnant?-bunny.jpg Critter Repellents- Our furry "friends" that like to chew on our homes or eat the contents of our gardens

    1. Deer Repellent
    2. Deer Away Spray
    3. Deer
      & Rabbit Repellent
    4. Liquid Fencing Recipe
    5. Mice Repellents & Poison Recipes
    6. Mole Repellent
    7. Mouse Trap- Water Bucket Method
    8. Pet Friendly Mouse Removal
    9. Rabbit Repellent
    10. Squirrel Repellent
    11. Wild Life Repellent
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    1. Alvaeh's Avatar
      Alvaeh -
      great ideas The squirrel deterrent will work nicely
    1. LMMRR's Avatar
      LMMRR -
      Which one is good for fleas on dogs? I have one who's allergic to sand fleas and we live at the beach.

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