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    • Cockroach Control

      Budget101 Cockroach control recipeThis simple cockroach control recipe is perfect for sprinkling behind appliances (such as the refrigerator or stove where roaches tend to congregate), under sinks or places where moisture tends to be prevalent, as well as placed in small dishes and left in areas where roaches have been visible.

      You'll Need:
      4 parts borax (found in the laundry detergent aisle)
      2 parts all-purpose flour
      1 part cocoa powder

      Combine all of the ingredients together and place in a jar with a sprinkle top, apply liberally to areas where roaches frequent.

      As with all Pesticides, Keep away from Pets and Children.

      Looking for additional Cockroach Control Recipes:

      Photo Credit: CanstockPhoto/kritiya
      Comments 7 Comments
      1. TLLuckart's Avatar
        or instead of coco powder add 1 part sugar
      1. mastrangelo5's Avatar
        Does this work on all kinds of roaches?
      1. kjenson's Avatar
        I am so going to try this! I will let you all know if it works. I just moved into an apt and I'm seeing these things way to often.
      1. Thebestmommy's Avatar
        Hello I am new here
      1. TwistyLynn's Avatar
        I used this in Florida , in an old house that had small and large roaches , it worked well as long as it was refreshed periodically. Borax is a poison so use it cautiously around pets and children.
      1. Azaliyah's Avatar
        Greetings eye am a Nubi here. Now eye moved into my inlaws 2 bd 1bth home n it is infested with Roaches plz help. Anything stronger than borax cocoa n flour? Eye have dn cedarwood essential oil. O.C.D cleaning and they are still millions. Besides the burning dwn the house what can eye do.?
      1. ibmbw1's Avatar
        I get this stuff through Amazon and it is amazing!! not DIY - and it is toxic - but I live in Hawaii where we have a real roach problem and this stuff is the only thing I have found that gets rid of them...Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel. Good luck.

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