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      Jan 2006

      Default Moving- any Ideas Welcome

      I am new to the group and this will more than likely be really long,
      but it is what is on my mind.
      I have a 2y/o and 9y/o and been married 4 years.
      We have been renting since we got together and have been trying to
      buy a home.
      There is always an issue so we never get threw with the financing.
      The last few rentals have been really bad 2 moves ago both of my kids
      were so sick that the Doctor had mentioned that we were in the office
      too many times. So we were lucky and moved into a better place. The
      place we moved from we tryed really hard to have it non
      condemned so no other parent would have to go threw what we had to.
      No one could find any thing wrong (sewer was leaking and water
      standing in the crawl space).
      Then we had to move again due to the place being sold it was only on
      the market 30 days and now were in another mess. Since October my
      youngest son has been sick. It started with a rash and sneezing and
      now is in the diarrhea stage. There has not been a fever the Doctor
      has ran ever stool test that they can. We have changed the diet (no
      hot dogs and hamburger nothing greasy and no spicy food). Cut the
      milk to a little bit. Well nothing has helped.
      I have shampooed the rugs washed the walls and Evey thing trying to
      fix the problem. We did find a water leak and fixed that and have
      noticed where there is evidence where other water leakes
      have been in the past so I am thinking that it is mold. My older
      child has been a little sick but she is normally at school so she is
      not home all day like we are. When she is home all day
      then she get sick for two weeks at a time.
      We originally thought that we were going to be buying this place and
      then found out that we could not get financed for it so we will be
      needing to move again!!! My oldest has attendanted 3 different
      school and is in the 3rd grade. I have became a master at moving and
      I am so tierd of moving.
      We still have not been able to buy any thing due to not being able to
      save money due to the rent and normal bills and soon the car will be
      paid off (had to replace it but for so much money that has been spent
      at least it still runs) then maybe we could save money and
      buy a place. If I work then I have to pay for child care and that
      really costs to much I have done that before but I haven't found any
      thing that could cover the price of day care and still have
      enough money to come out a little ahead. The cheapest is colse to
      5.00 an hour and pay is only 6.50 for the average job around here.
      That is every thing from walmart to wendys.
      Some times I honestly feel like I should have joined the service for
      as many times as we have moved.
      How do people get money to pay of previous bills and have money for a
      down payment. Gee there are times we have to rely on the community
      for food and help. We even went almost a year with out car insurance
      we honestly did not have the money for it.
      We have honestly managed to eat on $50.00 a week for the 4 of us at
      home. We feel like were always broke and as long as the kids do not
      go to the Doctor we might have a little bit of money after we pay the
      I am so afraid of the gas prices rising again that really did hurt my
      husband has 1/2 hour commute to work one
      way and when the gas prices were high we spent more than 200.00 a
      month on travel for his job. Forget about moving
      closer to his job the cheapest thing I found in that town was a
      garage for 600.00 a month with no bathroom we would have
      to pay for water but still a garage.
      Any thoughts that could help I would be gratefull sorry this is so

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      Re: Any ideas welcome

      Do you guys qualify for any state assistance? I know in wisconsin
      for a family of 4 you would get free health insurance with no co-
      pays or discounted if you make slightly too much and $600 a month
      for food. If your income is really low they also give you rental
      assistance and childcare assistance. The subsidize most of your
      child care for you so you can come out ahead. They also have energy
      assistance during the winter months. Also, have you checked out the
      HUD? do a google search for HUD housing. They help people buy
      homes, you'd have to pick homes from their site (I believe, it has
      to qualify) and they give you special financing for it and I believe
      you can use rental assistance checks to help pay for your mortgage.
      Really try to reach out and see what your state offers as most of it
      is the same, but it varies. WIC also helps and you can make more
      money than these other programs and still qualify for it. Every
      little bit helps and don't be afraid to ask for help until you guys
      can get back on your feet and are more settled.

      I agree with the previous poster about the mold. We lived in a
      crappy place downtown 3 1/2 years ago and my son was 11 months old
      when we moved there. A few weeks after we moved my son had wheezing
      in his left long and he had it the whole time we moved there. We
      usually only wheezed when he had a cold, but it was constant then
      and he was on asthma medication and they started testing him for
      asthma and then we moved to a suburb that had newer buildings and it
      disappeared a week after we moved! I believe it was the mold. Our
      last apartment was horrible. He's had no problems since living
      there. Good luck!


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      Jan 2006


      Re: Budget101.com : Any ideas welcome

      In our community there is "rental assisstance" for low income people.They
      have these homes in the project but if all these are rented -they will go
      outside the project and rent from private people w/ the samr restrictions.
      Here you can find homes for sale that advertise "seller will pay closing "
      or partial pay etc. Some will say "no money down".
      Your son may have an illness from some months back and not from each move.
      I would think that there would be mold in the house where you described the
      water is leaking. There was a tv show on about a $1,000,000.00 house like
      this w/ leaks and mold and finally they had to abandon the house. Did anyone
      else see this ?

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      Jan 2006


      Re: Any ideas welcome

      You need to get the house tested for black mold. It's most likely
      the culprit, and cleaning the carpets won't fix it. If the house has
      it, you'll have to move again, or the owner will need to work on
      getting it removed ASAP. It's linked to many health problems, and
      may not be visable. It grows wickedly fast, and can be under the
      carpet in the subfloor, in the walls, in the drywall, in the pipes,

      Get the house tested, immediatly. That many health problems with no
      discernable cause is cause for alarm, especially when people who are
      in the house for a longer period are the ones who are more
      suseptible to being sick. Another thing- have you ever seen mice
      droppings anywhere in the home? Mice droppings and urine can come
      into contact with food, skin, etc, and make people ill quite easily.
      If you ever see it, report it immediatly to your land lord and ask
      for an extirminator.

      As for money problems, well, it takes a while to get sorted out.
      Have you considered getting a job when your husband is home, so you
      don't have to pay for day care? If you can do that, then the cost is
      not as high. You could work fewer hours and still come out ahead
      because you won't be paying daycare costs. An in home sitter is
      usually cheaper than daycare as well, so that is another option.

      You don't sound to me like you are in the position to be looking at
      buying a house. If it's hard enough to make ends meet now, it won't
      be easier with a home. You'll have a house payment, taxes, repairs,
      insurance, etc, and in the begining, it's usually much higher than
      the cost to rent.

      If you are a 1 income family which is considered low income, I would
      say your best bet would be to get into subsidized housing, so that
      you are more easily able to set money aside each month for when you
      are ready to make a down payment on a house.

      Subsidized housing is required to meet certain health code statures,
      meaning you very likely won't be dealing with a condemned or mold
      infested home. Subsidized housing is 30% of your income, with a base
      set depending on the cost of the apartments.

      I know apartment living isn't ideal, but if you can cut your monthly
      costs for a year, you'll have a nest egg set up that can grow much
      more quickly for buying a house. If you can tough it out for 2 years
      in an apartment paying less than you do already, and set the extra
      aside (say you pay $750 now, and get an apartment on HUD for $450 a
      month, you'd set aside $300 a month) in a seperate banking account,
      then it would grow. Based on saving $300 a month for 2 years, you
      would have $7,200 set aside, before what you gain in interest.

      On top of that, if you get a part time job making $6.50 an hour, and
      can do it during a time when your husband can watch the kids, you
      would be making an extra $130 a week, before taxes are cut out.
      Let's say you bring home $100 a week, take home on that. Set aside
      $25 per check to be put into your savings, which is $100 a month
      more saved. Now with $400 a month, you'll have $9600 set aside in 2
      years time, before interest. That's a down payment on a house of
      your own.

      It's tough, and it takes a lot of cutting back and hard work, and
      maybe some cramped living quarters, but it can be tremendously
      helpful when the reward pays out in the form of a new house. Plus,
      you're already setting aside an extra $400 a month into savings
      based on that, so you'll be in a position to just turn that set
      aside money into your house payment, and extra costs each month.

      I hope that hlpes you out a bit.

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      Re: Budget101.com : Any ideas welcome

      In a message dated 3/2/2007 5:52:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, ehasenack@yahoo.com writes:
      It started with a rash and sneezing and
      now is in the diarrhea stage.
      Have the doctor test for celiac/spru because those sure are some of the symptoms. Taking your child off of all gluten products (that means absolutely no wheat, oats, barley,malt) is how you treat celiac


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      Re: Budget101.com : Any ideas welcome

      Why not apply for medicaid or Family Health Plus for
      the family.And instead or paying for daycare,you work
      the night shift if your husband works day shift so
      someone would always be home with the kids,and you
      still would only need one vehicle.You could always
      take a few kids in to babysit,make some fliers up and
      put them around in gas stations and supermarkets.Good

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      Jan 2006


      Re: Any ideas welcome

      Why don't you work around your DH's schedule. When I was first married
      my DH and I both worked at fast-food restaurants. We worked opposite
      shifts so we did not have to pay daycare. Lots of fast food
      places/stores offer flexible sheduling to accomodate parents. You
      could work in the evening when your DH is home/ Even working 7-11 pm
      would make you $130/week if you worked 5 evenings. You could work 2 8
      hour shifts on the weekend and that would be $104 week.
      Another way we saved when we were first married was to live in
      apartments only when we were renting. Renting a house is much more
      expensive. We never lived in a house until we bought our own. Most
      apartments have parks or play areas close by that you can take your
      kids to for outside time.

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      Jan 2006


      Re: Re: Budget101.com : Any ideas welcome

      I have been where you are. Good idea about working at night. I shop at Aldi,
      kids need a lot of sleep. I use liquid Elderberry (stops respratory problems
      from growing), chewable vitamins, from Walmart. My kids are hardly ever sick
      now, but we lived in apartments that had mold. Hidden, from water leaks, the
      mold hurts their immune system, and they can't throw off colds etc. as easily.
      The diarrhea, try yogurt, prefferably one with no extra sugar. Must have live
      cultures. Food lion has a key lime one my son loves.
      We prayed to God. Asked for a house and almost immediatly got one. We didn't
      even have to pay closing cost, because we added it to cost of house and owner
      paid it outright for us.
      Good luck!.


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