• Flu Bug Soup Label & Tag

    Doughboy-soupjar.jpg Have a friend that's not feeling well? Here's a fun Get well gift idea for the Flu season. Prepare a hearty homemade
    soup mix
    from our wide selection, print off the free printable topper and attach it to the top of the jar.

    Doughboy-getwellsoon-lid-budget101com.jpg Attach a Tag:
    We heard the flu bug has bitten you,
    alas, if you don't cure it,
    your whole family will have it too!

    Open the jar and take a peak inside,
    Follow the handy tag provided,
    it's a simple get well guide!

    If you'd like to take it a step further, you can add any or all of the following:

    • a pack of tissues- to blow that runny, irritated nose.
    • Cough Drops- to soothe your raw, scratchy throat
    • Hugs and Kisses (Hersheys) -

    Free Printable Flu-Soup Jar Label (Widemouth Canning Jar Topper)

    Soup Mix Recipes Located under Recipes> Mixes> Soup Mixes

    Comments 8 Comments
    1. happy0349's Avatar
      happy0349 -
      This is a great idea."Flu Bug Soup".
      The recipe is easy to follow and the soup is delicious
    1. DIVA53D's Avatar
      DIVA53D -
      I love this idea. I have a few people who always get the flu or colds in the autumn. Perfect gift! Thanks for the Idea!
    1. KarrieJudy's Avatar
      KarrieJudy -
      I really like this idea! Now I will have something that I can give someone that is sick with the flu. Thank-you.
    1. angelacr's Avatar
      angelacr -
      this is a very cute idea thanks very much.
    1. blnddee68's Avatar
      blnddee68 -
      I cant get the recipe to show up.

      how do i find the recipe when i click on the homemade soup it brings up a blank page

      Where do I find the recipe for the soup
    1. blnddee68's Avatar
      blnddee68 -
      how do i find the recipe when i click on the homemade soup it brings up a blank page
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by blnddee68 View Post
      I cant get the recipe to show up.

      how do i find the recipe when i click on the homemade soup it brings up a blank page

      Where do I find the recipe for the soup
      Hmm.. not sure how the link got broken, but here it is:

    1. blnddee68's Avatar
      blnddee68 -
      Thank you I found it I'm actually making this for a friend today.

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