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      Hi, just wanting to know if the Niacin and vitamin E oil worked. I am new on here and commented I think on the sight about my story, but can't seem to find it. I have been battling Cow Itch for three months on my finger and it seems to be spreading to my palm from under the skin.
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      Hi, I saw some great re-purposing ideas on Facebook and joined to find more, but I can't seem to. Could you point me in the right direction please? Love this site and have gotten some great ideas from FB posts!
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      Hi Liss, I just want to say thank you for this site. I'm very excited to get started learning new things and new ways of doing things I already know how to do.
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      Dear Liss,
      I was very excited to make the laundry sauce. I really messed up the first batch. The first page with the list of ingredients and the amounts to use, I misplaced after showing it to my daughter-in-law. I remembered the ingredients as I was familiar with all of them.......and...I remembered reading,"use all of it". Unfortunately, I used all of the washing soda and borax in addition to the Fels Naptha! big mess. Have six jars of something, don't have any idea what to do with it.
      Today I tried again, with better luck. However, I think I used too much water, the jars were too full. Also, I wonder if 4 hrs. might be too long to wait. The solid part was TOO solid. My blender couldn't blend it. I took a long knife and sliced into the mass several times and then blended it. It worked fine. Haven't used it yet. I'm wanting to print off the labels for the laundry sauce but every time I try there is a message that I can't print labels until I'm a member -[I am]- and have to have at least 1 post - [I do ]. Now what do I do?
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      I have tried to print labels for the laundry sauce. However I keep getting the message that I need to be a member, [I am] and have at least 1 post, [I do]. So HOW do I print the labels for the laundry sauce??
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      thank you so much for this site ; I have been looking around and have found some great ideas. Thanks for allowing me to join .
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      Thanks for accepting me.
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      Thank you for creating this site! I take care of the stray animals out in our area so I'm always looking for ways to save money so I can do more. Can't wait to try sooo many of these ideas and recipes.
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      I have posted over 5 posts and promoted ….but I couldn't join the ambassador 101 group or go to the grocery guide, any suggestions that I maybe over looking? Thanks! Nicola
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      Looking forward to learning how to make ends meet on my limited income. Thanks.
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    Why I absolutely LOATHE Facebook...

    by Liss on 03-19-2015 at 10:49 AM
    Campfire Hot Sandwiches-delete-fb.jpgFacebook, Facebook, Facebook.... I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOATHE this "resource" online. It is the #1 source of contentment in my life because it's an evil necessity for Websites and blogs. The vile media has put so much emphasis on it that people fall all over it. Here are just a few reasons why I don't

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    The Social Media Era- Are we raising a generation with No Respect for Basic Decency?

    by Liss on 03-12-2015 at 10:19 AM
    One Pot Pasta-privacy.jpgLately while browsing the internet it seems we've entered the era of no Privacy, no decency and no respect. This morning I was perusing my facebook feed and came across photographs taken at a funeral, of the deceased in his casket. The photo exhibited several family members standing over the deceased, in tears. Why, pray

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    Various Thoughts

    What a Litigious Society we live in . . .

    by Liss on 02-03-2015 at 09:02 AM
    I rarely listen to the news these days, partly because it's rarely any actual "news" and instead mostly hype designed to fill people with baseless fear.. but on the rare occasion that I do subject myself to the drivel of the morning news I am usually floored by the insanity of the world.

    Take this morning for instance.. people are literally

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    The Blame Game & Passing the Buck...

    by Liss on 08-15-2014 at 07:44 PM
    I've got to vent about a major pet peeve of mine.. something that irritates me to no end. I've notice a rather Interesting Trend over the past year when sharing recipes on "social media"- there is a distinct select few who often complain about GMO's, Chemicals, & the overall Nutrition factor of recipes. This in itself wouldn't be be an issue, I think

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    Things that make your heart go.... BOOM

    by Liss on 06-24-2014 at 08:31 PM
    It's funny... when you're a blogger sometimes you get emails from folks and it's like they think that you live some magical life and nothing bad ever happens to you, or that you somehow escape the perils of everyday life (like bill collectors, wrong numbers, spammers and other losers that don't have a clue how inconsiderate it is to pound on someones

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    Menu Plan Monday : Meal & Grocery list planner 11-29-2011 334
    Weekly Menu Planner : includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks, as well as room for an alternative meal plan 11-29-2011 353
    Bi-Weekly Menu Planner : Plan breakfast,lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 weeks, plus an area to write in necessary ... 11-29-2011 448
    Bi-Weekly Dinner Plan : Plan Dinner & Enter your complete grocery list on this Edit & Print Pdf Planner 11-29-2011 188
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    Monthly Menu Planner : this one works well if your breakfast consists of the same type of item each week, for example cold ... 11-29-2011 229
    2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 Month : The average family of 4 in the United States spends more than $700 a month on groceries alone. In t ... 11-29-2011 1,407
    Accountant Survival Kit : Accountant Survival Kit - - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can be ... 11-29-2011 7
    Adjust to Growing Older SK : Adjust to Growing Older SK- - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can b ... 11-29-2011 21
    Anti-Depression Survival Kit : Anti-Depression Survival Kit- - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can ... 11-29-2011 20
    Astrologers Survival Kit : Astrologers Survival Kit- - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can be ... 11-29-2011 3
    Au Paire Survival Kit : Au Paire Survival Kit- - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can be fou ... 11-29-2011 2
    Back to School Survival Kit : Back to School Survival Kit- - Complete survival kit contents and directions for adding toppers can ... 11-29-2011 58
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