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  1. Hello,
    Just thought I'd stop by and comment on your avatar -- really cute !!
    Have a nice weekend -- what's left that is..
  2. Pam,
    You are certainly are strong poster with the freebies. Just wanted to stop by and say Thanks..Hope that things are going well with you. And that the weather there is starting to warm up a bit..
  3. Pam,
    Happy Holidays to You and Yours...Hope that you have a Blessed Day..
  4. Thanks for the info you sent to me. I'll let you know how it goes for me, I have a little time to do things right now. Glad the key board is working for you.
  5. Keyboard is working fine now, just had to reboot. It's very easy to make money with them. They are an online community where people like you can come to share their opinions by participating in survey research. In return for your valued opinion, you can earn opinion points which can be exchanged for cash and prizes. You must have a minimum of 50 pts to cash out and 10 pts are equal to $1.00.

    Since Sept (16 surveys) I have been paid $46.80). Checks take about 2 weeks to arrive. I normally cash out once I hit $10. Most surveys are around 40 points ($4) but I had one last week for 100 points ($10).
  6. Hey, How's your key board been working? or did you have to buy a new one? I noticed your posting of what you recieved in the mail. Which survey company do you work with?
    Have a Good Day...
  7. Hello,
    How is the key board working? When mine has done that --I'll turn it upside down and tap it a few times. Seems to work better then. Let me know if this helps any. Also try spraying the keys with a Air Can of Dust Remover (Moisture-Free Cleaning). I have really been enjoying the site.
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