• MYO Honey Graham Crackers

    Marinated Artichoke Frittata-honeygrahams.jpg Create you own delicious Honey Graham Crackers at home with this simple recipe! These time honored favorites are very easy to make and take just a few minutes to throw together.
    This recipe is great for beginners because you can't really "overhandle" the dough, like some cracker recipes. For holiday gifts, consider dipping the corners in chocolate and dusting with broken candy cane pieces.

    You'll Need:
    1/3 c Milk
    1/4 c Honey
    1 1/2 c Graham flour
    1 c All-purpose flour
    1/4 c Brown sugar; packed
    1 ts Baking powder
    1/2 ts Baking soda
    1/3 c Butter
    1/4 c Shortening

    In a small bowl stir together the milk and honey and Set aside. In a large bowl stir all the dry ingredients, then using a pastry blender, cut in butter and shortening till mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

    Slowly Add milk mixture all at once in the center of the flour mix.. Stir until a ball is formed. Knead dough on lightly floured surface until smooth.

    Roll out dough very thinly & slice into 2 inch squares, Prick with fork. If you prefer cinnamon grahams, lightly sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar just prior to baking.

    Bake on ungreased sheets for 12-15 minutes in a 350 oven. Alternatively you can bake these on parchment paper or on a silpat.

    *Note* Graham flour is similar to Whole Wheat Flour and can be found next to All Purpose flour in the baking aisle. Graham flour is processed a little differently, rather than simply grinding the whole grain wheat kernel (bran, germ, and endosperm)- the graham flour components are ground separately. First, the endosperm is finely ground finely, which creates a white flour. Then, both the bran and germ are coarsely ground. The two parts are then mixed back together, creating a coarse-textured flour that bakes and keeps well. A complete substitute for it would be a mix of white flour, wheat bran, and wheat germ in the ratio found in whole wheat. Wheat comprises approximately 83% endosperm (white flour), 14.5% wheat bran, and 2.5% wheat germ by mass

    These crackers store well for up to 10 days, let them cool completely then place in a zip-close bag or other sealed container.

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    1. momhowells's Avatar
      momhowells -
      please include in the recipe what graham flour is and where to buy it, thank you
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Graham Flour is wheat flour and you can buy it at any store that you find all purpose white flour.
    1. ballowh's Avatar
      ballowh -
      How long do these last before going bad?
    1. jenifer's Avatar
      jenifer -
      very excited about this recipe- can't wait to try it, we go through a lot of graham crackers. has anyone seen a recipe for animal crackers?
    1. MessyMom's Avatar
      MessyMom -
      Thanks for clarifying that Graham Flour is Wheat Flour. Looks Yummy!!
    1. aroberts's Avatar
      aroberts -
      I have always wanted this recipe. Thanks for the post.
    1. Kanakake's Avatar
      Kanakake -
      I cant wait to make this for my kids. Thank you
    1. kez1955's Avatar
      kez1955 -
      What is graham flour. I live in Australia and there is plain flour, self-raising flour and bread flour all available in white or wholemeal. Thank you
    1. burkett's Avatar
      burkett -
      Quote Originally Posted by kez1955 View Post
      What is graham flour. I live in Australia and there is plain flour, self-raising flour and bread flour all available in white or wholemeal. Thank you
      The recipe says, "
      *Note* Graham flour is the same thing as Whole Wheat Flour and can be found next to All Purpose flour in the baking aisle."
    1. Chocolicius's Avatar
      Chocolicius -
      Thanks so much for this recipe. A lot of recipes has graham crackers in it so now I can make my own. You're the best!
    1. Devildog's Avatar
      Devildog -
      We have started keeping honey bees on our farm and wanted to make some things with the honey. These look great can't wait to try them.
    1. rwhemme's Avatar
      rwhemme -
      Quote Originally Posted by kez1955 View Post
      What is graham flour. I live in Australia and there is plain flour, self-raising flour and bread flour all available in white or wholemeal. Thank you
      Although you can substitute whole wheat flour for the Graham flour, it is better if you can get the graham flour, as the texture is a bit different than the regular whole wheat. There are several places you can order it from, if you are unable to locate any at your local health food store or other market. Amazon is the best price I have been able to find for Bob's Red Mill Graham Flour, but you may want to double check and see what a Google search for graham flour will find. I like Bob's Red Mill -- superior quality products.

      Hope this helps.
    1. Mary11's Avatar
      Mary11 -
      Bobs Red Mill has their own website. Bobsredmill.com you can order direct from them. they have volume discounts when purchasing. Also some great recipes as well.
    1. DebbieKT's Avatar
      DebbieKT -
      Can't wait to try these for the next 'smores night at Gramma's house

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