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    • Light Corn Syrup

      Many recipes require the use of Corn Syrup- but many families, ours included, are not very thrilled with the idea of adding even more GMO's to our diets. Corn syrup is definitely a 100% GMO Product. So, here's a recipe on how to make your own Cane Syrup- all the properties and consistency of corn syrup, without the GMO's.

      Why do recipes even call for corn syrup? Well, corn syrup is an invert sugar. What that means is that is essentially prevents melted sugar in baked goods and candies from re-crystallizing. The recipe below will allow you to make your own invert sugar and we think you'll be delighted with the results in your favorite recipes, like homemade marshmallows! There are few tips to keep in mind BEFORE you begin. First, sugar is finicky to work with, do NOT be tempted to stir it once directed NOT to in the recipe or you'll end up with a cloudy mess. Use a clean METAL spoon, and do NOT touch the syrup until it has cooled completely. If there is a chance that your candy thermometer is not accurate, here's a simple test you can do before you start cooking with it.

      You'll Need:
      5 1/3 C. Granulated Cane Sugar
      2 C. water
      1 tsp cream of tartar
      Dash of salt
      Candy Thermometer

      Combine all 4 ingredients in heavy saucepan (with a candy thermometer clipped to the side!) over medium heat; Stirring just enough to moisten the sugar.

      Do not stir it again, stirring causes the sugar to crystallize. Allow the mixture to come to a boil, once it has you'll need do dip a clean pastry brush in water and brush down the sides to remove any sugar crystals that may have formed (and will consequently ruin the jar if they remain!).

      Continue boiling the syrup, cook until it reaches 235-240 F on candy thermometer, then immediately remove the pan from the heat. Let the syrup set until it is completely cooled, about 2 hours. Do not disturb the pot during this time.

      This syrup can be stored for 3 months in the pantry without issue. Simply transfer it to a clean mason jar (we use half-pint jars- which are 1 cup) for easy measuring for our favorite recipes. If the syrup is too thick, remove the cover from the jar and warm it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

      Makes about 1 Quart

      When should you use your own homemade and when should you just buy the real thing? Check out this page that explains it all.
      Comments 9 Comments
      1. Ivonna's Avatar
        Ivonna -
        I'm going to make this recipe.Corn syrup is very costly.
      1. HaleighBaleigh's Avatar
        HaleighBaleigh -
        This is "healthier" than corn syrup also! Corn syrup affects your blood sugar levels differently. and is GMO!
      1. tukwut's Avatar
        tukwut -
        This s awesome. Definitely at the top of my list.
      1. TBaird's Avatar
        TBaird -
        Saving money! Saving money!! Thank you!!
      1. jflo1961's Avatar
        jflo1961 -
        Will do this. Has anyone made it? Curious about the yield.
      1. Kduffner's Avatar
        Kduffner -
        Does this work with making homemade candy?
      1. boosgranny's Avatar
        boosgranny -
        Love the idea of making our own with ingredients we know! Is there away to make dark corn syrup?
      1. AndreaGwyn's Avatar
        AndreaGwyn -
        Maybe add molasses for the dark, just a thought.
      1. faith81's Avatar
        faith81 -
        This is great. I will have to try this.

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