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  • Toddler Recipes

    How to make Homemade Edible Playdough<br/>

    Sometimes when little ones play, they have a tendency to eat what they're playing with. As moms, we try to be in 10 different places at once, watching them every second, but things happen and they move quickly. Here are a couple of our favorite Edible Playdough Recipes. Dough recipes that won't hurt your little ones if they eat some or all of it!
    How to get the Perfect Easter Egg Colors Everytime<br/>

    We celebrate Spring in a big way! One of those ways is dyeing Easter eggs with our littles! Last year we discovered an awesome color chart and video tutorial showing how to get vibrant colors easily and it worked wonders for making this fun project a little easier on the wife and I . . . ...
    MYO Footlong Fruit snacks in tons of flavors!<br/>

    Create your own foot-long fruit roll snacks with this dirt cheap recipe that uses only 2 ingredients!