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  • Wildlife Photography

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    One of my favorite things to do is to photograph wildlife and nature- plants, bugs, critters, you name it. If I can snap a photo of something that can potentially kill me, I am THERE..
    1. Lion Fish
    2. Love the color on this guy
    3. This is a view of a storm (spawning Tornadoes) in Wisconsin that I took last summer.
    4. Morning Sunrise from my bedroom Window
    5. Yes folks, this Is a Real Live Turtle. I took this photo in Homosassa Springs Florida
    6. I believe these are Glass Fish, not completely positive, but yes, they are Transparent
    7. Melting Mushroom, photo taken in Central Lake Michigan
    8. The reason we don't swim locally
    9. Little Red Fox was sleeping
    10. Pair of Swans Fighting
    11. Canoe Trip in Northern Maine
    12. Spotted Newt in Fall, Massachusetts
    13. Great Horned Owl hiding in Palms
    14. Majestic Bald Eagle- shot taken in Northern Wisconsin
    15. Black Australian Swan
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