• Cinnamon Candied Almonds or Pecans or Walnuts

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-candied-nuts-sm.jpgCinnamon spiced, sweet and crunchy- an irresistible combination for snacking year round. This simple recipe makes a
    delicious well received gift for any occasion. It is reminiscent of the yummy smells and flavors of your favorite county Fair. This super simple Last minute gift idea will taste like you spent HOURS in the kitchen, but take you less than 20 minutes from start to finish to prepare.
    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-1.gif

    ou'll Need:
    • 1 c. sugar
    • 1/2 c. water
    • 1 T. Cinnamon
    • 2 c. Almonds or Pecans or Walnuts

    In a medium size saucepan mix cinnamon and sugar until blended.

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-2.gif

    Add water, stirring well. If you've combine your cinnamon & sugar you won't have to worry about blobs of cinnamon. If you didn't stir your cinnamon and sugar, you'll spend the next 5 or so minutes trying to blend the cinnamon blobs.

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-3.gif

    Bring to a boil over medium heat, add nuts (any variety you prefer).

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-4.gif

    Continue boiling, stirring constantly, over med heat until nearly ALL of the water evaporates. (This is different for everyone, for me it took about 5 minutes. However, I store nuts in the freezer so they were literally ice cold when I added them to the pan). Some folks report taking up to 12 minutes for this step.

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-5.gif

    Pour onto a cooking sheet covered in parchment or wax paper. I prefer parchment paper because it's easier to reuse for multiple batches of nuts.

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-6.gif

    You'll need to work quickly! Separate the nuts from each other using a fork, so they will be equally sugared and not in a blob.

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-7.gif

    Here's a batch of Sugared Pecans, dh's favorite!

    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-8.gif

    Tips and Notes:
    MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101-nuts-9.gif
    • If you fail to cook until the liquid evaporates, you will get a "pooling" of sugar when your pour out the nuts.
    • Not cooking it long enough will make the nuts look glossy rather than sugared.

    They'll still taste fine, it just changes the presentation of the gift.

    These can be given as gifts in jars, simply attach a pretty ribbon & tag to the jar. They can also be given as cone gifts. Place 1 cup in the corner of a ziploc bag, tie with ribbon and trim the bag with scissors.MYO: Basil Oil (and Other Herb Flavored Oils)-b101nuts2.gif

    Places to Get Nuts Cheaper:

    • Sam's Club- has 3 lb bags of Almonds for $9.
    • Costco -frequently has bulk pkgs of nuts inexpensively
    • Trader Joes- reportedly has bulk nuts less expensively
    • Aldi's - frequently has containers of cashews and walnuts about half the price of walmart

    If you know of a great place to a deal on nuts, please add it in the comments section below!

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    1. drea's Avatar
      drea -
      These are so addictive. I made 4 batches and had to take them away from the kids for eating too many at once.
    1. KatHaney's Avatar
      KatHaney -
      My son was very excited when I came to this recipe! We'll be trying it soon!
    1. grullagal's Avatar
      grullagal -
      This is a great idea!! Pecans are plentiful here, I think I will have to try these. Neat gift idea!
    1. jorice47's Avatar
      jorice47 -
      These are wonderful! They disappear faster than I can make them!

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