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    • Orchard Buttermilk Spray

      Learn how to kill spider mites Spider mite infestation in a home orchard can be devastating. Here's a very simple old-time recipe to kill spider mites and prevent them from taking over.

      You'll Need:
      Use this for heavy infestation of spider mites in an orchard.
      1 lb white flour
      5 gallons water
      1/2 cup buttermilk

      Dump the flour into a 5 gallon bucket and then add water, mixing well as you add it into the bucket, add the buttermilk and again mix well.

      Transfer the spray into a pump style insecticide sprayer & apply on a weekly basis to your orchard. This works well on flowers such as hibiscus, azaleas, etc.

      (Keep an eye on the mite population, you should have less than 3 per leaf)

      This works well on spider mite infestations on fruit trees in your backyard.

      ©Canstock Photo brozova

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