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    • Easy Cupboard Organizer

      Here is a simple, dirt cheap tip for organizing the cookie sheets, jelly roll pans and cutting boards that have a tendency to clutter the kitchen cupboards . . .

      Sort them easily by placing them in a common desk organizer. The tiered rack makes it easy to divide the pans and helps keep down the banging and scratching of the pans when you reach for one under the cupboard.
      Comments 5 Comments
      1. arizona's Avatar
        arizona -
        Love this idea. I found one at a garage sale for about $2.00 and I love it. It works perfectly for these types of items
      1. MrsAndy's Avatar
        MrsAndy -
        I use a smaller one for my plastic lids. Works great.
      1. Normacooks's Avatar
        Normacooks -
        How ingenious! Can not wait to get one and try this out!!
      1. Lyndaandka1ser's Avatar
        Lyndaandka1ser -
        I use a large plastic container (6"x12") to hold all my small plastic lids.This way they are all in one spot and (usually) easy to find.
      1. RubysGirl's Avatar
        RubysGirl -
        I also use CD organizers to hold plastic lids.

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