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    • Cookbook Holder Tip

      Tired of trying to keep your cookbooks clean and at eye-level while you're preparing your favorite recipe? Try this tried and true tip . . .

      Here's a great way to repurpose an old clothes hanger in the kitchen! Use it to secure the pages of your favorite cookbook while you're preparing a recipe. This helps prevent the pages from becoming splattered and holds the recipe nearer to eye while you work.

      We Love New Uses for Old Things!
      Comments 7 Comments
      1. C2Ranches's Avatar
        C2Ranches -
        What a great idea. I will use this.
      1. laxmom's Avatar
        laxmom -
        What a clever idea. I will now say "yes" to keeping the hanger and will try this in the future.
      1. tink69's Avatar
        tink69 -
        love it!! I'm going to try this!
      1. MrsAndy's Avatar
        MrsAndy -
        Excellent!! I will certainly use this idea. Thanks
      1. leeloomiana's Avatar
        leeloomiana -
        I've been doing this forever and my husband always laughs at me! lol , but it works great
      1. kholtmeyer's Avatar
        kholtmeyer -
        I would have never thought of this thanks!
      1. McSurf's Avatar
        McSurf -
        Great use for those store hangers!!!

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