• How to Fireproof your Costume

    Halloween is full of fun treats, parties and costumes - but for some families, Halloween turns into a true horror when their childrens costumes go up in flames. Did you know that you can Make Your Own homemade costumes Fire Retardant in just a few minutes with a few simple household ingredients?
    While many store-bought costumes offer flame resistant or flame retardant fabric, most homemade costumes do not. Here is a simple recipe that you can mix up in your own kitchen to make your homemade costumes flame retardant.

    Combine the Following:

    • 7 oz Borax
    • 3 oz Boric Acid
    • 2 qts Warm Water

    Mix well until completely dissolved. Dip the fabric (costume) in the mixture until thoroughly saturated, wring out by hand and hang to dry. Both Borax & Boric Acid can be found in the laundry aisle of your local grocery store.

    Please keep in mind that this flame retardant will only last until the next time that the fabric/costume is Washed by machine.

    Last Minute Non-Permanent Flame Retardant Spray

    • 2.5 oz Borax
    • 2 T. Boric Acid
    • 2 c. very hot water

    Combine all in a spray bottle, shake and spray liberally on clothing. Don't rinse, allow to Air Dry.

    ** Flame Retardant does NOT mean that the fabric will be completely fire-proof. It means that the material will self extinguish after a Brief contact with flame. If the fabrics are exposed long enough and to enough heat, they WILL burn anyway.**

    A few other Halloween Safety Tips:

    • Before dressing your child in their Halloween Costume- be sure your child understands the #1 rule of Fire- to Stop, Drop and Roll. Have them practice this tip by stopping whatever they are doing, dropping to the ground, covering their face with their hands and rolling over and over to put out the flames.
    • It's always best to light your Carved pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns with flashlights, mini lights or battery operated candles. If you prefer real candles, be sure that the trick or treaters wandering up the pathway won't be brushing up against them whilst waiting for treats! Chances are, the little ones won't be looking at flowing costume materials by their feet when they're eagerly awaiting their treats to be delivered to their goody bags.
    • Dried Cornstalks, Dried Flowers and Crepe paper are extremely flammable and are easily ignited by warm lightbulbs, heaters and of course flame. Be sure these items are kept away from any heat source.

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