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    • Repurposing: Shower Curtain Hooks

      Closet Organization Shower curtain rod hooks are inexpensive and wonderfully versatile in the bathroom as well as the closet. Here are some various uses that you may not have considered before . . .

      If you don't already have a few of these lying around, they can be purchased at dollar stores in packages of 8-12 for only $1. They work great to organize various items in the closet including the following:

      Place them on a coat hanger and use them to organize Ties & Belts, like so:

      Place them on a coat hanger and use them to organize hats:

      use shower curtain hooks to organize closet

      For the Ladies, hook the center of your bra's onto them to hang them in your closet, freeing up space in your dresser, while keeping them from being squished out of shape or from the under-wires from being bent out of shape:
      how to Organize bras in the closet

      We'd love to hear how you re-purpose shower rod hooks too! Share your ideas in the comments below . . .
      Comments 20 Comments
      1. Grammy Gala's Avatar
        I hadn't thought of using shower hooks this way! Neat ideas! Another use for the old metal ones: When we bought our camper, the owners gave us our keys on a shower curtain hook.
      1. jrodgers's Avatar
        Another good use for shower hooks are to hold index cards. Just punch a hole in the same spot (one corner of the card works best) and run the hook through the holes. This is ideal for flash cards, recipe cards and contact information for friends and businesses in the community. - Jane
      1. barb.r's Avatar
        I use them in my "craft closet" for bead necklaces, my quilting mats and templates (with holes in the top) and any other supply I can hang. My closet stays neat and i know where all my supplies are. If I cannot hang supplies individually I bag them and hang the bag. Especially the bags that curtains or sheet sets come in. It helps keep my projects, and all parts, together.
      1. acmckee's Avatar
        Wow!! I'm certainly going to try this. Just bought new curtain rings and was going to toss the plain ones.
      1. rott440's Avatar
        i have been looking for ways to use these hooks. i knew budget 101 would be my only place to look. thanks for the great ideas!
      1. kheffner's Avatar
        Just a thought.....hang up empty pocketbooks on the shower hooks in the closet...
      1. ValerieAnne's Avatar
        I like this ideas, they are neat.
      1. normaljen's Avatar
        What great ideas. I have also used one of them in the engine compartment in a van i used to have to hold my funnel in engine compartment, so I always knew where it was.
      1. songbird's Avatar
        I am an avid thrift store shopper. I find packs of these for 50 cents up to a dollar. They are great for using in the garden to hold up vines or other plants that need support.
      1. PatCW's Avatar
        I like the REALLY old fashioned shower rod hooks... the metal ones that snap open and closed easily. I hook keys on them to hang on a rack. I have my measuring spoons hooked on one so they stay together in the drawer. I even have my measuring cups hooked on one and hanging near the stove.

      1. katdino's Avatar
        I was wondering what to do with the pack I found in my craft room. Thank-you!
      1. KHowe's Avatar
        I also use them for scarves!
      1. jwalworth's Avatar
        Great idea of using old shower hooks, way better then throwing them out.
      1. rfinIdaho's Avatar
        i recently used these in hanging my granddaughters curtains i made her. made opening and closing across curtain rods so easy!
      1. treed74's Avatar
        Wow I really love the one with the hats. My husbands has several of them..
      1. bamo72's Avatar
        Great Ideas. Thanks. I esp. like the one use in the garden for vines.
      1. Sandy68's Avatar
        Very good ideas. Thanks for sharing.
      1. stephanie1028's Avatar
        great ideas! I use them with a grid from an underbed "drawer" to organize my scarves.
      1. Mae17lorenzo17's Avatar
        This is pretty cool I have limited space in my house. This would be good for the closet wall. I also use over the door shoe holders to store my medicines, make up and shoes. I of course have them all separated. One for the bathroom for first aid and medicines. All labeled of course. And two other ones in my bed room. One for shoes and the other one for make up etc.
      1. KimCM's Avatar
        Adding these to my list of things to look for at thrift store, flea market and garage sales. These are great ideas. Thanks!

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      As always, Registration is Free!

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