• Anti-Nausea Flu Cubes

    Inexpensive wedding favors-antinausea.jpg If you've got the flu you know how hard it is to keep anything down. Here are some herbal ice cubes that can be easily
    prepared at home to help battle the nasty bug that's running rampant through your home.

    Make a very strong mug of tea using 1 c. boiling water & 1 peppermint tea bag. Allow the tea to steep for at least 10 minutes. Add cranberry juice and bitters, stirring well. Pour the tea mixture into an ice-cube tray and place in the freezer until frozen.

    To use, suck or chew up to 3 ice cubes per hour.

    The peppermint is quite soothing and bitters is well known to calm an upset stomach. The ice cubes are considerably easier to keep down than glassfuls of liquids and also works well to get rid of nasty fever breath, (I'm sure you moms out there know EXACTLY what I mean by "Fever breath!")

    Cautionary Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but Call your doctor if the vomiting lasts more than 24 hours or is severe.

    Budget Note:

    Also, Check out this time honored Favorite Flu Cure/Remedy

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    1. Morgana's Avatar
      Morgana -
      I unfortunately did not see this until after my son got over the stomach flu, but I did run across something that I would like to share. My son's stomach flu subsided within 24 hrs and mine was stopped in its tracks after using activated charcoal tablets. For my son I broke two capsules open and added two teaspoons of water then mixed it up. The process was messy, but he said it had no flavor. He took 8 tablets (4 doses) before all flu symptoms had resolved, I caught mine early and only had to take two capsules (1 dose) before I was feeling healthy again. I had everybody else take two capsules each as a precaution and this is how our holiday was saved.

      *** Taking activated charcoal 2 hours before or 1 hour after taking other medications will nullify the other medication as charcoal will bond with it and it will not get absorbed by your body.
    1. twighahn's Avatar
      twighahn -
      ostura Ingredients:

      2 tbsp dried orange peel

      zest of 1 orange

      1/4 cup sour cherries

      2 cinnamon sticks

      1 vanilla bean- seeds scraped

      1/4 tsp cloves

      1/4 cup quassia chips

      2 juniper berries

      1/8 tsp cocoa nibs

      pinch of black walnut leaf

      1/2 tsp cassia chips

      1/4 tsp wild cherry bark

      1/4 tsp orris root

      Rich Syrup:

      2 cups turbinado sugar

      1 1/2 cups water


      5 quart size mason jars


      2 funnels- one small/ one large

      12 1oz boston round bottle w/ dropper

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