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    • Witches Apothecary Shop - Witch Bottles

      Free Tylenol-hwd_-009.jpg One of our family's favorite decorations are our "Witches" bottles. A complete Apothecary for a Witch. This fun project creates gorgeous bottles that will delight any visitor who enters your home.

      You will need:

      • Strong Coffee or Tea
      • Bottles of Varying Shapes/Sizes
      • Decoupage Glue (You can Make your Own)

      First- Find some interesting jars and create labels and print them, plain white paper works fine. I recommend a nice gothic style font such as Blackadder or chiller. Let it dry for 5 minutes. Do not skip this step as your ink will run or smudge.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary1.jpg

      Crinkle it into a ball. (I know, I know, this is SOOO Hard!)

      Free Tylenol-apothecary2.jpg

      Un-crumple your labels and place in a 9x13 pan with really strong tea or coffee.
      Let the page saturate for a few minutes before taking it out. This will "age" your labels and make them look Authentic.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary3.jpg

      Blot it very gently to remove excess liquid. Allow to dry.

      If you'd like your labels to be darker, submerge them again, dry.

      Once they are dry, carefully cut out each label with a pair of scissors.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary4.jpg

      Attach the label with Glue. (The easiest way is to paint the back of the label and then apply it to the jar. Let it dry completely.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary5.jpg

      Once it is dried, paint a layer of Decoupage Glue over the label. This will give it a shine that will make it look quite authentic, plus it will seal your label and protect it.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary8.jpg

      Free Tylenol-apothecary7.jpg

      Alternatively, prior to cutting out your labels you can spray them with acrylic finishing spray. I prefer the decoupage method personally.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary9.jpg

      Place them on a shelf with some back lights to illuminate the contents.

      Free Tylenol-apothecary11.jpg

      Free Tylenol-apothecary10.jpg
      Choose Interesting Names for your Bottles. (See our list here!)
      In this bottle, the Contents are Ogre Boogers.

      The Fine Print Reads:
      "Harvested from Ogres within the swamps of sadness. Use to induce everlasting sorrow."
      Comments 5 Comments
      1. topeairs's Avatar
        topeairs -
        What a great idea! My daughter is going to love this!! Can't wait to try it.
      1. TheresaG's Avatar
        TheresaG -
        I love this one! My grandkids will love it too!
      1. MabelMartha's Avatar
        MabelMartha -
        Halloween must be a blast at your house!
      1. queenann's Avatar
        queenann -
        I love halloween and will start saving bottles for the coming year! Love the aged look on the labels!!
      1. Kes59's Avatar
        Kes59 -
        Love this idea! The aged look of the labels makes it perfect.

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