• Haunted Tombstone Sayings

    Halloween Tombstone Epitaphs Here is a lovely collection of varying tombstone sayings and epitaphs. These make lovely additions to your haunted graveyard displays, as well as various recipes.

    Haunted Tombstone Sayings

    Here is a small collection of eerie epitaphs for you to add to your own Haunted Cemetery:

    Gil T Conscience
    V. Agra
    He wont get up anymore
    Ben Better

    Sonny Cydeup
    Buried face down
    N. Agra
    It must have been the fall
    Mary Jayne
    Stoned to death
    Richard Cranium
    May B. Knot
    Dirk Knap
    Played in the rain until the thunder clap
    Flint Stone
    Done in by rubble
    Fell off a cliff not too smart
    Al B. Rightback

    Al Dente

    Alex Blaine Laider

    Anna Rexick (Maybe on a skinny tombstone)

    Anita Infusion

    Anita Moore-Tishan or Anita Mortician

    Anita Transfusion

    Asher T. Ashers

    B.A. Ghoul

    Barry D'Alyve

    Barry M. Deep

    Barry A. LiveBarry R. Bones

    Ben Dover (a favorite of the kids)


    Berry D. Hatchet

    Bertha D. Blues

    Bill M. Lader

    Candy B. Goode

    C. U. Dye

    C. U. Layder

    Dawn Under

    Diane Rott

    Dustin T. Dirt

    Dustin T. Dust

    Fester N. Rott

    F. Yura Vandal
    The graveyard has cameras
    And alarms on the props,
    Disturbing the contents
    Will summon the cops

    Requiescat im slammer

    Hammond Eggs

    I. Emma Ghost or Ima Ghost

    I. Emma Spook or Ima Spook

    I. L. Beabach

    I. M. Gone

    Imus B. Goewin

    Iva Biggen

    Ivana Hacketoff

    Izzy Gone

    Jaws (a big bite out of this stone)

    Jess Gough

    Justin Pieces

    Justin Thyme

    Kerry Emhoff

    Kenny McCormick - You Bastards! (South Park)

    Kenny McCormick - Dies weekly on Comedy Central

    Key Lynn Over

    Lee Ning (with a tilted tombstone)

    Lefty B. Hynde

    M. T. Tomb

    M.T. Box

    M.T. Toombe

    Manny Bones

    Mark A. Place

    Mummy B. Ware

    Myra Mains

    Orson Buggy

    Otta B. Alive

    Phil Dirt

    Phil McAvity, DDS

    Phil McCracken

    Ray N. Carnation

    Reid Dannum-Weep

    Rick Amortis - A hard man is good to find.

    Ricky D. Bones

    R.I.P. Van Winkle

    Rigger Mortis

    Roland Stone - Gathering Moss

    Robbie Ducky - You're the one

    R. U. Next

    Rustin Peece

    Rusty Gates

    Seymour Butz

    Stu Meet


    Sue D'Bum

    Ted N. Buried

    Thirst N. Howl

    Tom Thumb (very small stone)

    U. R. Gone

    Willy B. Back

    Willy Rott

    Xavier Breath

    Yetta Nother

    Yul B. Next

    Elmer Fudd
    We found him Lying in the mud
    "What's up Doc" written in his blood.

    Here lies Johnny Yeast... Pardon me for not rising.

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