• Enchanting Halloween Decoration Ideas on a Dime

    Nothing is sweeter than the smell of autumn each year, the crispness of the leaves, and the warming scents of pumpkins, apples and spices simmering in the kitchen.

    Easy homemade sub rolls-hwd_-20009..jpg Easy homemade sub rolls-luminaries..gif Easy homemade sub rolls-haunt4..jpg
    Create your own Spooky Witch Bottles and Apothecary Shop with these step step photo directions. Step by Step Directions Capture the Essence of fall with these simple to make beautiful Fall Luminaries
    Step by Step Directions
    Haunt your guests with these spooky floating ghosts and aliens.

    Step by Step Directions
    Easy homemade sub rolls-gothch..gif Easy homemade sub rolls-broomtreat..gif Easy homemade sub rolls-kitchenwitch..jpg
    a few old bottles into gorgeous gothic candle holders, a lovely Halloween accent on any shelf or mantle.

    Step by Step Directions
    Need some Cute Ideas for Wrapping up Treats this Halloween? Make these adorable Witches Broom Favor Bags.

    Step by Step Directions
    Create your own Enchanting Kitchen Witch- Legend has it that having one of
    these sweet beauties in your kitchen will prevent pots from boiling over, food from burning and guard against accidents.

    Step by Step Directions
    Easy homemade sub rolls-fetus.gif Easy homemade sub rolls-lhw_-20025..jpg Easy homemade sub rolls-craftidea-candlec-.jpg
    Create your own Mutant Fetus/ Alien in a Jar
    Step by Step Photo Directions
    Want to create a spooky walkway for the little creeps on Halloween? Create these evil eyes throughout your yard.
    Fill your home with the delicious aroma of Candy Corn- Create your own Step by Step Directions
    Easy homemade sub rolls-hw-091.jpg
    Easy homemade sub rolls-10-29-07-20030..jpg
    Easy homemade sub rolls-aut.jpg
    Halloween Treat Cups- Wondering what to do with those leftover egg cartons? Create adorable spooky treat cups for the ghosts and goblins in your life. Make Your Own Pumpkin Preserver Create your own gorgeous fall centerpieces for under $5

    Step by Step Directions
    Easy homemade sub rolls-witchbottles..jpg
    Easy homemade sub rolls-pumpkin.jpg
    Each year we strive to create the most dreadfully frightful costume we can... Enjoy these gruesome special effects & make-up recipes to make your Halloween Frightening!

    Special Effects Ideas and Recipes

    Pumpkin Carving Tips & Templates

    Additional Decoration Ideas:

    1. Atmosphere Ideas- create an eerie haunting ground
    2. Bat Sound Effects
    3. Candy Boo-quets
    4. Cobwebs- easy homemade cobwebs
    5. Corn Husk Kitchen Witch
    6. Crunching Bones
    7. Crunching Bones
    8. Demon Eyes
    9. Essence of Nature Fall Luminaries
    10. Evil Eye Tin Can Luminaries
    11. Flamingo Skeletons
    12. Floating Ghost Decor
    13. Floating Ghost Mini's
    14. Floating Transparent Ghosts
    15. Flower Pot Candy Dish
    16. Ghostly Walkway Lanterns
    17. Glow in the Dark Chalk
    18. Glowing Ghost Decor
    19. Gothic Candle Holders
    20. Halloween Candy Dish Craft
    21. Halloween Lantern, Orbs & Paper Bag Pumpkins
    22. Halloween Treat Baskets (From Paper Plates)
    23. Halloween Treat Cups
    24. Halloween Window Clings (MYO)
    25. Homemade Witches Broom- make your own authentic looking Witch Broom to add to your decor
    26. Haunted Cemetary Scent
    27. Haunted House How To-
    28. Haunted Tombstone Sayings- a collection of creepy, funny and clever epitaphs
    29. Kitchen Witch Craft
    30. Mummy Luminaries- Mason Jar Mummys
    31. Mutant Fetus Jar/ Alien in a Jar Tutorial
    32. Pink Flamingo Skeletons
    33. Plantable Pumpkin Treats- non-edible Treats for trick or treaters of any age
    34. Pumpkin Preserver Recipe
    35. Spooky Centerpieces
    36. Spooky Ice Sculptures
    37. Spooky Window Shadows
    38. Tattered Sheet Decor
    39. Walkway Lanterns- Ghost Faces
    40. Witch Bottle Contents & Ideas
    41. Witches Broom Favor/Treat Bags
    42. Witches Broom (Authentic)

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    1 part dark rum
    1 part light rum
    2 parts white cranberry juice
    1 part unfiltered apple juice
    1 part simple syrup
    juice of one lemon...

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    Carefully break the top of an egg, dump the egg out and use it in your favorite recipes. Then let the inside of...

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    Easy Halloween Skull Shirt-Costume

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