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    • 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month Blogger Thanks

      Reverse Tightwadding- What's your splurge?-cover.jpg The average family of 4 in the United States spends more than $700 a month on groceries alone. In the “2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month" the author outlines how and where to cut grocery expenses to get spending under control while opening the consumers eyes to little known dirty manipulation tactics employed by retailers to seduce unsuspecting customers into spending sprees.

      For many people struggling to maintain a budget the cost of groceries is the only major expense in their control that can be drastically reduced without feeling a negative impact on their lifestyle. Liss explains in detail how to make simple changes that will not only pinch pennies, but help pinch Benji’s too!

      There are currently 3 ways to obtain this eBook-

      Bloggers- please allow up to 24 hours for your links to be verified/approved. I'm working as quickly as I can! ~Liss

      We'd like to thank the following Bloggers and Website Publishers for sharing our eBook with their members and guests:
      Comments 173 Comments
      1. AngryLioness's Avatar
        AngryLioness -

        Thanks for the copy, I blogged about it here:
        When People Suck . . . » Blog Archive » 2012 Guide to Groceries under $250 a month

        Normally I don't have a lot of nice things to say, but I loved your first eBook!
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Thanks for giving me a opportunity to get a free book!

        The Larsen Family
      1. nonie's Avatar
        nonie -
        here is my link to my site where I've shared the ebook!

        Tattered and Faded
      1. airmanswife's Avatar
        airmanswife -
        Here is my Blog where I have added the link to your page. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We are a family of 6 so I am looking forward to savings!
        The Mom - Me Monologues
      1. HouseWife's Avatar
        HouseWife -
        Journey of a Headstrong Housewife!

        Here is a link to my blog, I added the link for the PDF to the side of my blog so it will be seen by everyone who checks out my blog
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        I added this to my blog!
        Flo's Foibles: Check it out! 2012 Guide to Groceries under $250 per month!

        Flo- please contact Liss with your email addy so we can send you your book download info!! You can simply reply to this thread if you'd like!
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Thank you, looks like a great book!
        I shared here

        Randomness: Need to get this!
      1. Coopnsarasmom's Avatar
        Coopnsarasmom -
        Thanks for the book! Here is the link to my blog!
        Just The Four Of Us
      1. DinaM's Avatar
        DinaM -
        Here is the link to my blog where I have shared your ebook. Totally Mental Misadventures of a Wife and Mom
      1. s_a_ramey's Avatar
        s_a_ramey -
        Here is my link

        It is on the right hand side bar, you can see it on any page. I am so interested in this book. We are a family of 4 and I spend $300 on groceries a month but it is the same foods and we need new ideas.
      1. breomast's Avatar
        breomast -
        I just added your link to my blog:
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Posted your link on my blog at Stoddard Stuff
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        i fixed my post! thanks!

        Literary Luxuries: Grocery savvy
      1. Mrs.Goose34's Avatar
        Mrs.Goose34 -
        Behind Blue Eyes...and a Margarita Glass There is my link in the left bar so anyone who visits my blog will see it front and center (or front and left as it is)

        Thanks so much!
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        Looking forward to reading your book. Here' the link to blog where I added your link.

        A Peek Inside Our Life
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        My Frugal Family: Looking toward a New Year

        I just blogged about your ebook and can't wait to see if myself...Thanks
      1. jhartbarger's Avatar
        jhartbarger -
        the first book and have sent the website to my cousins and friends .We all try to help each ohter with sales and recipes to keep food cost down especially now with the holidays coming and things looing bleek for jobs.
      1. Unregistered's Avatar
        Unregistered -
        I would love a copy of this book! I am trying everything in my power to lower the grocery bill, but I can't seem to get below $450. I make meal plans, list, and sometimes use coupons but it doesn't seem to matter what I do I just can't get the price down. I really hope your book helps, as we need to cut our budget!

        I have posted it in the sidebar of my blog. DOEHLER DAYS

      1. Becky Perry's Avatar
        Becky Perry -
        I'd also like to receive a copy of the book. I've posted about it on my blog at

      1. Kristina's Avatar
        Kristina -
        Here is the link to my blog. I have many friends that have families and children and this book would be very helpful to them as well.

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