• Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is all about creating your own costumes and having a good time. Here are a few surefire tips to prevent last minute costume frustration and the potential for spending a boatload on whatever ...
    MYO: Wrinkle Smoothing Lotion-ninja.jpg

    One of the simplest last minute costume ideas to create- the Never fail Ninja Costume Idea! To easily recreate this simple costume, you'll need a black robe, some strips of red ribbon or red fabric and a couple of play "swords" or "daggers".
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    A bit of Fair Warning with this costume- be fully prepared to fend off numerous offers throughout the evening to "end your strike"
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    You'll need a black outfit, white earbuds and a sheet of fluorescent posterboard (or fluorescent painted cardboard). The cardboard can be ...

    I wanted to be Akuma from street fighter but saw around the net and what they had was very sad looking so like last year I made my own costume. I went trough all the pictures I could find online and got a good idea of what i wanted and got to work.

    Smartest Time-Savers-hula1.jpg

    Live in a warmer climate? This adorable Hula Girl costume idea can be made quite inexpensively using items found at your local dollar store.
    by Published on 09-29-2010 07:54 AM
    EZ Crock Pot Applebutter-bigbaby.jpg

    I'm sure in your life you've known someone who was being a 'Big Baby'! With that in mind, here is another easy last minute costume idea that can be put together in less than 30 minutes.
    Autumn Festival Mix Gift-hippie2.gif

    Turning into Hippie or Flower Child is relatively easy, using a little bit of cardboard, some bright colored markers, an old t-shirt and a couple packets of cheap kool-aid. This costume took about 4 hours total (including drying time to tie-dye the t-shirt!).

    For a Halloween costume just dress comfortable and warm in jeans or sweatpants and sweatshirt. Color black around one eye with make-up

    Take old gray sweats and hot glue on movie popcorn boxes, cups, lid and straw. Empty candy boxes. A wadded up kleenex. A piece of chewed

    Shrunken Heads
    • Large Apples
    • Lemon Juice
    • Whole Cloves

    These little beauties are a blast to make with the kids. Be sure to start them several weeks Before Halloween!


    Attack Dog Trainer Costume
    Take a stuffed dog and sew it to the arm of a long-sleeved shirt so it looks like it is biting ...

    Quarter Pounder Costume
    Carry a quarter and a hammer. If someone asks what you are, put the quarter down and pound it with the ...

    Baby-Sitter Costume
    Carefully roll your hair into rollers, leave them straggling alongside your face. Put a little lipstick ...

    This costume works best after you've freshly mowed your lawn.
    Wrap yourself in duct tape so the sticky part is facing out, then roll ...

    The perfect costume for the conceited male:
    Wrap yourself like a present using romantic wrapping paper.

    Attach a large tag & bow that ...

    Poor Man's Bald "Wig"

    Dig through your wife's dresser and find an OLD pair of nylon pantyhose. Stretch it over ...

    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-halloween4.jpg homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-halloween1.jpg homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-halloween2.jpg homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-hallowen3.jpg
    Lil' Furby Big Baby Witch Grim Gran

    We currently offer 350+ Costume Ideas, Choose from one of 16 Frightful & Fun Categories:

    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-sm-princess.jpg Angels & Princess Ideas - If you're feeling like a beautiful princess, heavenly Angel, or fancy flower fairy this season, choose from a variety of costume ideas
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-babybat1a.gif Animals & Insect Costume Ideas - Create your own Animal or Insect Costume from this splendid collection of ideas- like this adorable baby bat.
    Athletes - Are you a Sports Fanatic and want to share some Team spirit on Halloween? Try these fun Athlete costumes on for size
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-penny.jpg Clowns - Want to Clown around this halloween? Check out our selection of clown Costume ideas and decide whether you want to be as friendly as Ronald McDonald, or whether you want to haunt the dreams of small children for years to come
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-monster.jpg Creatures - Halloween just wouldn't be the same without some ghoulish creatures haunting the neighborhood! Choose from a wonderful selection of creature faves such as Count Dracula, Frankenstein and more
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-57703562_e42f044585_m.jpg Etc & Furniture - Sometimes it helps to stand out from the crowd! Here are some Unique homemade halloween costume ideas based on furniture and everyday objects (like the Ipod Ad to the left!)
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-sm-twopeas_peas.jpg Food - Thinking of dressing as your favorite hor' deurve? Choose from our selection of Funny Food Costume Ideas such as Spaghetti and Meatballs or a Box of Popcorn
    Funny/Witty Ideas- On the more humorous side of halloween, Here are a few of our favorite funny/witty costume ideas. These aren't all appropriate for younger children.
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-n516633663_913023_1432.jpg Movie & Book, Comic Characters & Celebrities - Choose from your favorite Classic Books, TV & Movie Characters for this years Costume! Become Chef Ramsay, Harry Potter or Even Scooby Doo!
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-farmville-sm.jpg Occupations- Create your Own Occupational Halloween Costume- Choose from Air Force/Army costumes to dentists, lawyers all the way to Trailer Trash (well, it COULD be an occupation!)
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-hula1.jpg People - Sometimes you just gotta be "Yourself" for Halloween. Choose from these fun "People" costumes, such as Big Baby, Grim Granny or Mystic Belly Dancer
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-96-dylan-05.jpg Plants - If you like plants, you'll love these interesting plant costume ideas, choose from Chia Pets, various flowers, pumpkins, etc
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-sm-science-fiction.jpg Science Fiction- Aliens to Robots and various ideas in between
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-minakuma.jpg Superheroes - Akuma Street fighters to Superman, various hero costume ideas
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-witch.jpg Witches & Wizards - Create your own magical costume - Choose from Various Witches, Wizards, or even your favorite magical and muggle characters as well!
    homemade, all natural skin care product or recipes?-pirate.jpg Villains - We loved to hate'm, those wonderful Villains! Here are some fun villain costumes you can make yourself with a few items you have laying around the house.

    Basic Costume Pieces

    1. Basic Cape with Collar
    2. Basic Hood (for frog, puppy, bunny, etc)
    3. Full Circle Cape
    4. How to make a Robe without Sewing
    5. How to make a Roman Tunic
    6. Greek Tunica
    7. Morticia Skirt
    8. MYO Lycra Bodysuit

    Costume Accessories and Finishing Touches

    1. Halloween Costume Armor
    2. Armor Accessories- shoulder pads, belts, etc
    3. Animal Ears
    4. Animal Feet
    5. Beaded Tiara
    6. Big Breasts
    7. Crowns
    8. Coffin Purse
    9. Costume Make Up
    10. Easy Helmets
    11. Grow your own Horns
    12. Halloween Foot Coverings
    13. Special Effects

    Tickled Pink Costume

    Wear Pink Sweatpants and pink t-shirt or Pink Sweatshirt. ...
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