This Freebie board is for USA Freebies only. If you are looking for Canadian Freebies- please see our Canadian Board. Occasionally you will find freebies here that are available in other areas in addition to the USA. (UK/CA/Etc.)

  • General Posting Rules
  • Common Posting Errors
  • How do I get Freebies?
  • Legit or Spam- How to Tell
  • Is it a Dead Deal?
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General Posting Rules for the Freebies Forum
1. Please DO Submit new Freebies! (Please click on the search button first to see if the freebie has already been posted first).

2. Freebies usually last about a week, at most before they expire or run out. If a freebie is less than 3 days old and the deal is no longer available, please click on the report button and let us know it is "Dead Deal".

If you see in the topic icon you'll know the deal has passed.
Once a deal is dead, we the thread to prevent it from
being bumped up and getting in the way of Great Deals that are still available.
Please do not bump freebies that are several months old, as they are not expected to be available any longer.

3. Referral Links, links to other freebie sites, competitor links are not permitted and will result in infractions or banning.

4. Please do NOT post your personal details (phone & address) in our forums.

In order to sign up for each freebie deal you must click on the link in the post of the deal you are interested in and enter your information There (Not here!!) If you are still unsure HOW to sign up for freebies, you can send a PM to FreebieQueen, the moderator of this forum.

5. When Posting Freebies, please post a few details about the freebie and THEN Share the Link to the site offering the freebie. Please do not post the link first and then the details. This makes it easier for those reading the forums via RSS Feeds to see details about the freebie being offered.

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Common Posting Errors
Adding Smilies to your post is wonderful, but please be sure to add 2 spaces BEFORE or AFTER Any Link that you post, or your url will not work. This is the most common
posting error on the boards.

How to Tell Legit Freebies from SPAM
Don't be taken in by Spam Mongers, Learn how to tell the difference!

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If you're browsing one of our great deals and come across a "Dead" deal (meaning the coupon is no longer valid, or the free item or sample is no longer available, or has run out!) please click on the located at the top right hand side of the post and let us know that the offer is no longer valid. We will then mark the link with a Gravestone, ex: and may also lock the thread to prevent it from being bumped up (thereby getting in the way of Good Freebies!).

Please note, it is not necessary to report posts that are over 5 days old. With so many frugal budgeters looking for great deals, we don't expect the freebies and coupons to last forever.

Thank you for helping us keep the great deals on top and easy to find!

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WAIT! I Still Don't Get it, How do I get Freebies??

1. Register for the Forums.
2. Log in with your Registered Username.
3. Click on the Freebies Forum
4. Click on the Freebie Thread (The offer that interests you)
5. Click on the link in the post/thread and then go to the Site it directs you to, fill out your information and the freebies will come.

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1. Will I get them all?

no, sometimes the offers run out.

2. Will Budget101 Send me the Freebies?

No, the freebies are from companies not affiliated with our site.

3. Can I just post my personal info on the forum and receive all the freebies that are offered?

No, you must Click on the link in the post/thread and then go to the Site it directs you to, fill out your information and the freebies will come.

4. Is there an easier way to fill out all of my information without typing it every single time??

Yes, You can download
Roboform Form Filler

5. I've seen political & religious freebies in the forums, Is this site political or religious based?

NO. We share ALL Legit Freebies that are available, regardless of origin, this includes political, religious, spiritual, medical (including birth control) etc. If it's free and it's a legit offer, we share it. If you are FOR the item offered- send for it to display it/use it. If you are AGAINST the offer- either skip it and move on or send for it so you can diminish the supply of it. Whichever. If you're offended by that, this site probably isn't for you.