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How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

For every 5 posts or threads a member makes on Budget101.com, they'll receive an automatic entry in our Bi-Weekly Thank You Gift Drawings. Depending on the number of entries received, up to 5 winners shall be drawn per month.

All prizes will be shipped directly to the member via the address entered in the the members profile located in the user control panel.

The address field MUST be filled out PRIOR to the drawing in order to receive the prize.  If this field is NOT filled out in it's entirety, a new name will be drawn in it's place. We will assume if this field is NOT completed at the time of drawing that you do not wish to be entered in our thank you gift program.

Please note, most prizes are purchased and shipped through Amazon.com. In order to ship larger items, Amazon requires a phone number to be included. While you can leave this out, we highly recommend including it to avoid shipping issues as we cannot provide additional directions if the UPS or FedEx driver can't find your home! If your gift is returned to Amazon due to incomplete address/contact information, it will not be re-shipped.

Additional Details Below:

Basic Rules

What are the Rules?

1. There is no Limit to the number of entries
2. Posts/Threads must adhere to site guidelines (no bumping/thanking posts just to increase counts)
3. No limit to the number of times a person can win, if you are a frequent contributor and your name is drawn multiple times, so be it.
4. If your address is not filled out in your member profile, you are choosing NOT to participate in the Thank You Program. If this field is Not complete when your name is drawn, it will be discarded and a new name will be drawn in it's place, without further notice.

About the Gift Items

About the Member Thank You Gift Items:

Thank you gift items will vary by month and may include Kitchen Gadgets, cookware, specialty bake-ware, computer gadgets, software, seasonal items, Scentsy products - please take note- gift items will reflect your posts/thread content, as well as your member profile content.

    Which means, if you have a tendency to post that you love to bake and make bread constantly, when you're selected you might receive goodies for bread baking, or if you post in the crafts section because you're an avid scrap-booker you may receive a boxful of scrapbook supplies, etc.

 So, be creative in your posts and share your true interests & concerns, you just might receive something you never expected!

In addition to our bi-weekly drawings, we will hold Quarterly Drawings for Larger Thank you gifts as well. These will include items such as KitchenAid Mixers, Ipods, Laptops, Food Dehydrators, etc. So, if you shared a lot in multiple posts and didn't win during the bi-weekly drawings- don't fret, you're still in the running for a much larger thank you gift!


Can I pick my own gift?

No Silly, it's a Thank you gift, not a carnival game prize!

How to view your Current Post/Thread/Comment Count

How to View your Current Post Count for the Month:

On the top of the page there is a navigation bar, click on the Top Peeps tab and scroll down until you find your own registered username. Remember, you receive 1 entry for every 5 posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an "Eligible Entry"?

  2. Members receive One Eligible Entry for Every 5 posts/threads that they create on our site. This includes responses made in the forums as well as comments made on our article pages.

  3. Is there a Limit to How many times a member can win?

  4. No. There is no limit to the number of times a person can enter or win. If you are a frequently active member of the site and participate often, you'll have more entries and therefore more chances to win.

  5. If my address field is NOT filled out before my name is drawn, will you contact me to get it?

  6. No. If your address field is NOT already filled out prior to the drawing, it will be discarded and a new name will be drawn in its place. There will be NO Exceptions to this rule.

  7. How and where do I fill out the address field?

  8. Once you have logged into the site with your registered username and password you visit your user control panel. This is located in the top right hand corner of every page on the site, simply click the word settings. Then, in the left hand side of the page a column will load under the 'My Settings' tab. Click on 'Edit Profile'. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will see a pink header that says 'Additional Options'. The Box to enter your name and address appears in this section. Please note that we are unable to ship to Post Office Boxes at this time. The address and phone number fields are seen only by the site admin (2 people!) and the information is kept private, and is used ONLY for shipping purposes.

    If you want to skip directly to the Edit Profile page you may do so by clicking here: http://www.budget101.com/profile.php?do=editprofile

  9. When are the drawings?

  10. Drawings take place twice per month from all eligible entries.


  11. When are the Thank you Gifts Shipped?

    Thank you gifts are shipped twice monthly as well. Generally speaking the Gift items are shipped BEFORE an announcement is made on the site as to who the lucky recipients are. This is to ensure that the member receives the gift by surprise. Once we see that the items have been received by the recipients (Through the postal tracking number), the recipient's name is posted on the site. If you are one of our lucky gift recipients, please feel free to post your comments/response to your gift here.

  12. How do I enter the Quarterly Drawings?

  13. All valid entries are automatically rolled over into the quarterly drawing, regardless of whether or not the member has received a Thank you gift in a bi-weekly drawing. To be clear, if you receive a gift in the bi-weekly drawing, you are Still eligible to win the quarterly drawing.

When/ How often are the drawings?

When/ How often are the drawings?

 There are 2 "entry" periods, The 1st-15th & the 16th- Last day of the month. As such, there are 2 drawings which take place between the 15-18th and the 1st-3rd days of the month.

For example:

Augusts' 1st entry period ended on August 15, the drawing took place on August 17th.

Augusts' 2nd entry period ended on August 31st and the drawing took place on September 2.


Lucky Thank You Gift Recipients . . .

Recipients/ Winners List?

Perhaps you're wondering who the latest lucky recipient of thank you gift program is . . . To view the latest member names that were drawn, you can visit the following link:

Bi-weekly Thank You Gift Recipients

The most recent recipients are listed in the comments section.

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