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How to Print Articles & Forum Posts

I want to print a recipe or article and I can't figure out how, why isn't there a print button?

Click here for Step by Step Tutorial on How to Print Articles, Threads, Posts and more

Bookmarking Favorite Posts & Threads for Later

Is there a way that I can save recipes or articles for later?

Click here to see a step by step tutorial on saving articles/recipes located in the CMS sections for later.

How do I save forum posts and threads for later?

Click here for a step by step tutorial

How can I be notified when a topic I'm interested in has been updated?

Click here for a step by step tutorial

Change Username/UserID

How do I change my Username?

Sadly, this option is not available at this time.

Coupon Swap Shop

What is the Coupon Swap Shop?

This Coupon Swap shop is a forum for trading of coupons, rebate forms, gift cards, or other items.

All trades must be held here in the trading forum and all correspondence (swapping of addresses, etc) must be made via Private message (rather than in public posts or as visitor messages). This is to protect the privacy of all of our members.

Levels of Registration

  We have several different levels of registration here in the forums.

As a Guest (non-registered Visitor) you can view most of the forums, threads and posts. You will see additional banner advertisements at the top, bottom and side of each page.

As a Registered Member, you can view all of the forums, threads and posts, including a couple private forums for higher ranking members. You will also notice that some of the ads that were located at the bottom of each page have suddenly disappeared.

Ground Level Lurkers - registered members with very few posts have limited access to features & are unable to send Private messages. (This is for prevention) . This also helps prevent new members from feeling overwhelmed with features and gives you a chance to get a feel for how the site works and where things are located.

Registered Members with more than 5 Posts - are considered to be Active Members and are granted additional abilities as they reach higher post counts.

Some of these features include:

  1. Ability to PM other Users
  2. Additional Private Message Space
  3. Additional Photograph space and increase in photo size
  4. Access to Albums Feature
  5. Access to Custom Usergroups
  6. Email Features such as email a friend
  7. Additional Posting/editing Features
  8. Additional Calendar Features
  9. Increase in Signature features
  10. Ability to Dismiss Persistent Notices
  11. Automatic Twitter Updates on your Profile Page
  12. Coupon Wishlist under your Username
  13. Ability to Create Social Groups
  14. Ability to Tag others threads
  15. Fewer Ads visible- as a sign of our appreciation to your valuable contributions to the site, we've removed more ads from your view.
Members with 25+ Posts:

Our Referral board becomes available (for sharing points, winzy, , blinko, etc).

The above listed features increase again and another ad disappears!

Members with 50+ Posts:

 The Coupon Swap board becomes available (for swapping items, coupons, etc)

 The above listed features increase again.

For those who wish to Immediately Remove ALL ads from their site we offer an Ad Free User Experience for supporting Members.

Thank You Feature- How to thank a member

To all Active Members who like to post "thank you" in the threads. We have added a Thank You Button to all posts/threads.

Just click on the button to add your thanks.

We prefer that All one-liner thank you posts must be made this way. (This prevents database bloating!) The "Thank you" button will only appear in the first Thread and will not appear in subsequent replies. If you are not yet an active member, the Thank you button will not appear. The thank you button will also not appear to you on your own Posts/threads (you wouldn't Thank yourself, silly!)

User Infractions

What is it?

The user infraction system gives points for rule violations. Some infractions will expire after a certain time period and some never expire. This is based on the severity of the infraction.

The following is a list of the current user infractions, their point value, and their expiration's.


Posting of an unapproved link in signature or posts

* Links to competing sites, referral programs*, or any site that nets you a profit or competes with this website in nature or our affiliates is not permitted. (*Exception- members with 25+ posts may post their referral link on our referral boards)

The rule on signatures is that you may not have any link in your signature that links outside of Budget101 Forums unless you have:

A. Paid the fee for advertising OR

B. Have asked for approval from an Admin or Super Moderator.

  • Points - 5
  • Expires in - 1 Month

Flaming or insulting another member or staff.

* All flaming or insulting post violations will result only if a member finds your post(s) to be serious enough to report your post for violation*** of this rule. Members are to self govern this rule by reporting any post that they feel has gotten way out of hand. Flaming and insulting members does apply in all forums.

  • Points - 5
  • Expires - 7 Days

Spamming the board via PM or posts

*Spam is not tolerated what so ever at Budget101. Spam is an immediate and permanent ban.

  • Points - 30
  • Expires - Never

Creating Multiple Usernames

*Creating Multiple usernames/accounts for the purpose of bumping posts is prohibited.

  • Points - 15
  • Expires - 1 month

Promoting Fraudulent Coupon Activity

Posting about using coupons in a fraudulent manner or Posting a known Fraudulent Coupon

  • Points - 30
  • Expires - Never

Negative Trader Ratings

Please note, ALL negative trader ratings are reviewed by site staff and may result in removal from the ability to participate in the experience shop.


All infractions have consequences, here you will find how many points and how many infractions it will take to give users a consequence.

  • 10 Points OR 6 Infractions = 2 Day Ban from the board
  • 20 Points OR 8 Infractions = 5 Day Ban from the board
  • 30 Points OR 10 Infractions = Permanent Ban from the board

We realize that Budget101 Forums does not have many violations but they do come up from time to time. Most members are respectful to one another and follow the rules and we appreciate that!

We feel that knowing the rules and what will happen if you break the rules is good for the forum.

All Budget101 Staff, Mods, & SuperMods are able to issue infractions.

Of course we hope none of our members will ever need to get an infraction, But as the board grows each day we realize that it's bound to happen from time to time.

*** To report a post for rule violations please click on this - -icon which can be found in the right hand corner of each post. This will send a message to our staff.

If need feel the need to revise these infractions we will and will amend this post and bump it to let you know if there are new infractions. Our goal here is run the board smoothly so that we can focus our time and energy on bringing you the best information on frugal living (within your means), dirt cheap recipes, freebies and hot coupons.


What is the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is a forum created for members to create their own unique "wishlist" of items they would like to receive. To use the wishlist, simply visit the Wishlist Forum, click on New Thread, Create the subject line of  Unregistered's Wishlist .

In the message box, create a list of coupon items you would prefer, click "submit new thread' located at the bottom of your post. You have now created your wishlist.

Wishlist Link under Username

How to Make your Wishlist show Up Under your Username:

This will create the link that is in upper left under your screen-name and next to your avatar - so other members will have easy access to your wishlist.

1st: Create your wishlist in this forum & Publish it/ save it.

2. Then copy the URL (The URL is in the bar up top...it's the web address...starts with http:// ) or, alternatively, you can right click on the word Permalink at the top right hand side of your post and click "copy link".

3. Then go to: USERCP

4. Click on: EDIT DETAILS

Scroll Down to the Bottom and you will see a window where you can paste the Wishlist URL.

PASTE the URL you just copied - all of it

Then click on SAVE.


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