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    • Snowman Repair Kit

      Red, White and Blue 4th of July Mousse Cake-snowman1.jpg Create these fun kits to have on hand for cheap family fun due to an impromptu school cancellation/snow day!

      When I was a kid my mother created these adorably fabulous Snowman Kits using wooden dowels and wooden cut outs resembling buttons, carrot nose, googly eyes, etc. Each piece resembled a "Mr. Potato Head" style piece containing a small dowel end for sticking into the snowman.

      Your kit doesn't need to be that elaborate, here's a simple, do it yourself snowman repair kit that will have the kids playing outside for hours . . .

      Add the Following to a Mason Jar or Small Box (You could decorate the box with decoupage christmas scenes!)

      A black plastic or Felt hat- (Dollar store!)
      2 googly eyes - the bigger the better
      3 Large Black buttons (You can get large wooden buttons at any craft store)
      a strip of fabric (for a scarf), cut a few strips at each end for "wisps"
      a couple of small twigs (For Arms, of course)
      a twig painted orange (for Nose)
      Glitter- if desired to make your snowman sparkle in the sunshine

      Snowman Repair Kit - Print out the following poem and attach it to the snowman repair kit

      Being outside all day and night,
      Can make me look a dreadful sight.
      I melt, I break, I lose some parts,
      Which tends to break some people's hearts,
      So here's a repair kit just for you
      To make your snowman look brand new!

      Enjoy! We would LOVE to see your snowman photos , please feel free to add them in the comments below!

      © Can Stock Photo Inc. / davinci
      Comments 1 Comment
      1. salleejadie's Avatar
        salleejadie -
        I love this simple but fun idea. With all my crafty stash i am certain i can make this up for my grand children when the come to me on snowy days. thank you

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