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Grey's Anatomy Season Finale (SPOILERS INSIDE)

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I am going to be writing about the season finale last night, so if you have not seen it yet, please stop reading now.

No, really, turn away. I don't want to spoil it for you!

You've been warned.


WOW. What a season ender! Here are my thoughts. And yes, I am addicted to and feel personally invested in this show, as you will be able to tell!

1. Izzy. Are they going to be able to revive her, despite her DNR order? Will she come back next season, or will her sole appearance be at her viewing and funeral? Will GA have Izzy return as a vision, like Denny? Will she live as a turnip, as she said to McDreamy?

2. George. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! First of all, George in the Army was a shock. But is he now dead? Him and Izzy in the elevator were obviously postmortem, but remember, Mer did the same thing when she drown and visited with her dog, mom, etc.

3. Mer-Der wedding. The post-it was such a cop-out. No real wedding? No real marriage? So they are just going to call that their marriage? And I thought Mer's face looked rounder than usual this episode. Did anyone notice that?

4. Dr. Bailey. Following her dream gets her a divorce. Ugh.

It was a heartstring tugger, that's for sure. It did not end how I expected, or how I wanted it to, but I am sure looking forward to next season!

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  1. danghsia's Avatar
    huh I love grey anatomy but i need to catch up lol

    Not ready for the final season yet
  2. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I love Gray's , but for month's it is well know that George's character as well as Izzy's will be leaving the show. Will they come back??? Who Knows -I hate to either of them leavw I their contribution to the show.Bobbi -NE

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