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Started a new social group

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Anyone care to join me in losing weight this summer? I created a social group to meet that goal. I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to lose a few pounds for "bikini season," but rather trying to continue losing weight and getting healthy all summer long.

I hope folks will join in with me and commit to getting healthier in the summer months.

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  1. Tarrien's Avatar
    Sounds like a group I'm more than willing to join ;3
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    I'm trying hard to lose 20 pounds! It's been a real struggle. I slowly take weight off but lots of time between each pound lost. I went from 125 pounds in 2002 to 238 in less than 30 days from high steroids they were giving me for out of control asthma problems. I guess that's what's really frustrating, I didn't even have the joy of eating my self to that point! Anyway, I've been setting at 170 for a couple months and I sure would love to drop the other 20 I wanted to lose. I am being practical and thinking 150 lbs would be a good weight for me.

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