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Negotiations for a rental truck

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The hubs and I have begun our rental truck negotiations. So far, we've been in touch with U-Haul and Budget. Budget is my personal favorite, because they tend to have the newest trucks and the seats are comfy. Oh, and they have usually been the lowest cost.

U-Haul's initial offer to us:
7 days, limited mileage, for their largest truck and a tow dolly = $842 for truck and $175 for tow dolly plus taxes and fees.

Snarf. Snarf.

Ok. We let them take our info and we reserved a truck. However...

Budget's initial (and maybe only) offer to us:

7 days, unlimited mileage for their largest truck (2 feet shorter than U-Haul's) and a tow dolly = $596 total, all-inclusive

So far, Budget wins.

Tonight, we'll call back U-Haul and tell them that Budget thouroughly kicked them out of the running, and unless they can beat Budget's quote, we'll have to take our business to Budget.

I doubt U-Haul will lower their rate enough to compete with Budget, but we'll give them a chance.

We haven't called Penske or Ryder yet. One of those is in cahoots with U-Haul and I don't remember which, but they are no good for negotiations. It may be Ryder. We've never gone with Ryder.

Six weeks & a few days to go till the big move.

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