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this is something new for this old dog!

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I've never heard of or done blogging before! I'm a stay at home Mom with five kids and a gone most the time Dad serving in the military. We have 99 acres and have built what we have from the ground up. All of our children were home schooled. Last two (15 yr old twin daughters) are doing high school now. Two son's doing college on own at home and oldest son will graduate MWSU this December. We are currently working horses and building lots of fences and putting in a 32 bed raised garden area. Wondering where I'm going to get all those canning jars for next years garden!!! Got lots of building projects working and feeling exhausted most of the time. Still trying to fine tune our water system--no public water in our area! Pulling from a large pond and found it's very high in iron and hopefully we'll get it all out some day! We hand grind our own wheat daily for fresh bread. Hoping to get a milk cow in another year or two. Currently get milk form my Amish neighbors to make cheese with and get butter from them. My DH will retire in two years and we hope to be self sustaining by then. Last Decembers ice storm left us with no electricity or phones for 3 weeks. It was a great learning experience. Our next big project will be a root cellar/ice house. My Amish neighbors showed us theirs and how they can live without refrigerators year round. they even have us canning our own meat now instead of freezing it! We tossed the TV's over 3 years ago and not even the kids miss it. Hopefully I can figure out all this soon. I've seen lots of neat things already today. Looking forward to browsing alot more tomorrow as it's suppose to rain all day. My aching back can use a day of rain right now! I do monthly menues and go shopping once a month. I go to Ft. Leavenworth, Ks for most my needs and then hit Sam's Club in St Joseph, MO on the way home-- Makes for a long day and takes me 250 miles but once o month is ok. Hope by this time next year I'll be able to just go once every quarter!

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