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Fuzzball ^o^

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Right now I'm just relaxing after work with the ferret sleeping next to me, it was a rare day that didn't have the rush that normal days have. I'm glad, I wasn't feeling well most of the day. Yesterday I ended up calling off since I just couldn't take myself into work.

I hung out with my ex-roommate with another friend the other day, interestingly enough the night ended up in us waxing the ex-roommate's legs. I'm not sure if I should be as joyful as I am about doing that but its an interesting way to end the night to say the least. XD

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I don't know if I would find waxing a friend as fun. But hey it beats working and sleeping and nothing in between. . Bet you had fun just talking also. Sometimes you need a break, glad you enjoyed it.

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