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I think I accidently grew tomatoes?

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So, I asked my friend who's kinda plant savvy what my mystery plant is. She said its probably tomato. Whoops? I basically cut up a tomato one day and was like "mmm... I wonder" and put the seeds in some soil from a failed herb garden. I also put a few other types of seeds in there but it seems the tomato is the best survivor there.

So, here's something I've thought about, so people will go to the store and buy seeds like cucumber, squash, tomato- not the plant but just the seeds and the prices of the seeds I've noticed are around $1.25? If I could grab a vegetable, pick out the seed and just grow it like that, why do people pay JUST for seeds rather than just getting the vegetable which has a BUNCH more seeds in the end than the package?

I also planted a morning glory (from a seed packet from Liss*) So I'm excited for that to grow as well X3

My green onion ended up dying though, I left my entire herb garden at my ex-roommate's place until the other day, and she said she watered but she needed to trim it down, so the poor onion collapsed on itself.

Anyways I have a full day at work today, wish me luck :3

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I have saved seed from squash , cantaloup , watermelon ,pumpkin and some flowers - dry them well and save till next year -bobbi -ne
  2. Liss's Avatar
    lol, your post sure brought a smile to my face. On the green onions, 9x's out of 10 they'll come right back with a decent watering. They're pretty difficult to kill. One year I was particularly frustrated with how my garden was NOT turning out, so I took a messload of seeds from over a dozen different kinds of veggies, mixed them all together, threw the whole bowl out into a small circular area, tossed some soil on top and had the most beautiful garden I've ever had by the end of the season. LOL, had no idea what anything was at first, except for the tomatoes (they have a pretty distinct scent!)

    Accidental plantings always seem to be the best! Congrats on your plant success.

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