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You can save money at Sams but takes some time

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Ok took a leap and visited the local Sams after searching on their website and figuring for 2 days. Here's how it went. Was able to get 1 months worth of meats and 2 months worth of vegetables for 144.00. I even looked at the cashier and said are you sure you didn't miss anything? LOL Of course she looked at me like I had lost my mind. What I did with the vegetables was bought the big cans for a little over 3.00 a can and brought them home and split them up and froze them. I am only feeding three at the moment so was able to get about 7 cans out of each one. They were also giving a free foldable chair for filling out a credit card app which I knew I wouldn't get because I had already tried online, but hey a free chair for 30 seconds. I think I did pretty well and my boyfriend was amazed, he said well I was gonna ask what took so long but since you saved so much I'm not asking.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Awesome! I don't have a Sams but sometimes at Wal Mart will compare the price of the "industrial sized" items and I can save money with making it into smaller packages. I love the brownie mixes ($3 or by the same in the small individual boxes for a total of $4). Glad you were able to save so much. Keep up the good work!
  2. rtebalt's Avatar
    Yeh, my dad got my husband & I a Sams Card last year & I spent a long time figuring out how much I could save! Some things - like toothpaste or deoderant - I can get cheaper at the grocery store with my coupons (when they go on sale), but we love to buy toilet paper there. You can get 36 rolls for about $17. That's a great deal! I still get smaller amounts at the grocery store every once in a while if I get a good coupon, but the 36 rolls from Sams will allow you to stay stocked. You can also get 4 lbs of frozen broccoli for about $5. That's a good deal too!
  3. mdowdy's Avatar
    Yeah there are some things you can get cheaper at the grocery store using coupons. Food lion is getting so high on things I had to look else where I refuse to pay almost 5.00 a gallon for milk any longer especially since we go through so much in the house. We only get paid once a month so when we ran out of stuff and was low on money we were screwed. That will happen no longer!!!!
  4. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    If you refreeze the veggie and fruit does it change the texture. I buy tomatoes ,applesauce, and tomatoe sauce split and refreeze. I make my own spaghetti sauce with the t.sauce ,garlic,onion and itilian spices and refeeze. The tomatoes are a bit watery - I do not know how to can so I freeze whatever works
  5. mdowdy's Avatar
    The green beans and corn do fine. I don't have a problem with the texture changing. As far as fruits I buy the big bags of frozen strawberries etc and just take out what I need. We grow our tomatoes so i don't buy those until we run out. But I do take the tomatoes and puree them so to speak and put them in freezer bags to use in soups and sauces. This actually makes really good soup. I have tried chopping them and freezing but it gets too much water. i have never tried freezing applesauce. Hope this helps some
  6. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    Thank you so much - I run a small daycare and feed 11 children every day - so thats why I was asking thanks again
  7. faxonfive's Avatar
    Great job!!! I use to have a sam membership - but I didnt really have the time to go - I work all the time and I hate driving into Charlottesville!! I didnt see the reason to keep the membership....saved me moolaa too....but hat is a great job!! Wow...I need to send you to the store for me...LOL

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