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I DID 18 more jars~~~~!!!

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Good evening...

I am so proud of myself... I did 18 more jars of food.

I did 6 quarts of Pineapple
7 quarts of fresh green beans
and 5 of fresh beets.

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  1. Niddi's Avatar
    Nice going, love putting things up for future use, had a real small garden last year (live in the city and only have a small space) but I did can about 20 pints of string beans and some tomatoes. It was fun, just not real economical when I have to buy it at the farmers market. Keep it up, soon you'll have a pantry you'll want to show off to everybody.
  2. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Just think how wonderful it's all going to taste when you eat it.
  3. naturalmommy's Avatar
    thanks so much.... both of you!

    Im Loving it!
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    Wow, that's great. You go girl, you are on a roll. I won't be doing any canning until summer when I grow everything. I may be coming to you for some tips......
  5. Tarrien's Avatar
    Great job, maybe one day you'll give tips to beginners like me

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