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Onion/ and all it relative

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Onion (Allium cepa)
Common name : onion, garlic, leek, shallots, chives
Family: Alliaceae
Wild: Middle East
Where we get: Ca
• Bigger bulb/ adjust flavor
• Adjust the flavor
• Wild Allium vavilovii can be eaten (some wild onion can be toxic)

Item of interest
• Bi-annual plant (complete the lifecycle in two years)
• Monocot
• Telomeres different from human or pants
• All of them except Garlic are propagated by seed (garlic propagated by bulb)
• Classic green onion are not the same specie as Allium cepa
• More garlic you eat/ less chance of developing cardiovascular disease (probably cause by Hydrogen Sulfide --- adjusting the blood pressure downward)
• Antimicrobial property cause by allicin with alliinase which break down to sulfuric acid
• USS Grant feed his troops raw onion (reduce the rate of dysentery <bacteria disease>)

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