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bananas in pajamas~

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So yesterday my friend was over most of the day. She ended up cooking a makeshift Banana Foster which was still delicious. Then my roomate came home with 2 friends and I don't know why but I felt overly embarrassed about the mess in the house. I mean I know that's how my roommates like the house but I'm just like .... *twitch*... must clean..... must clean NOW!

I found I was running low on sawdust and I'm also running low on meds but I just don't have money right now. But I DO need those things rather than the wants I've been splurging on since I'm just depressed and that's how I try to make myself feel better.

Good news is I found one of my survey sites has paid me a little on paypal already so that's really going to help

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I don't know if you are old enough to remember the show "Bananas in Pajamas" but as soon as I read you title, my brain started with "aint we got fun". Does anyone else remember that show??? Really showing my age huh

    Good news to hear the survey place paid!

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